Jun 28, 2009

Hey everyone!

I'm gone for a month and have gained a few new blog followers in my absence. Welcome to the blog, I hope you enjoy it! I will try my best to check in more often and do more than just rant about how busy I am :)

I really didn't mean to stay away so long. I got HIT with school work this session and had my hours expanded on oDesk. I've had zero time to market my websites. I did put some visual links up for them here and create a MySpace profile to promote my Avon business. I post special deals in my blog there each campaign (bi-weekly) for local and long-distance customers, so if you're so inclined, check it out and subscribe.

I pretty much gave up on building my website from scratch and my host's sitebuilder is too limiting. For now, I have put some catagories up on ecrater and will be expanding as my time allows. I'd like to build and publish the official site, but time is simply too limited right now.

I need to take some time today to market these sites and put together my next Avon blogs. Tomorrow starts a whole new round of 'race the clock', so I can't put it off. My goal is to run my ass off to have everything done by Friday and have the weekend to market and catch up my blogs. *fingers crossed on this working as planned*

I'm thinking my next post should be 'You might be a workaholic if...', LOL

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me through this! You totally rock!