Jun 8, 2012

Why, America, why? Where'd your pride go?

I am re-posting a rant from my FB profile (yeah, I finally made it back to get back in touch with old friends)...It's long, so read or don't read... :)


Are the American people really so stupid and easily led, that they would believe anything they are told, without ever checking it out for themselves (this goes for all sides of the aisle)? They're just gonna allow corporations to rape our democracy in the name of profits? Are we for sale, people? Are we?

Last time I checked, it was our right as free citizens to protest peacefully when we disagreed with policy and corruption, vote as we see fit (hell, vote at all!) and expect NOT to be detained against our wills indefinitely without so much as a charge, much less a trial. Recent and still-on-the-table policies have become absolutely atrocious!

Why shouldn't we fight to restore the things that make this country great, while we still have enough rights left to do it? I, for one, don't want to see America become the fascist, totalitarian nation depicted in 1984 (George Orwell book from the 40's for those who don't know)...I've seen enough "double-think" propaganda in recent years that this is actually a concern to me.

It's fine if others don't agree with those of us who feel this way...this IS America, after all, and it's allowed. However, calling us names like commies, fascists and socialists without even seeming to realize what those words really mean (they may need to look in the mirror for those first 2,...just sayin!) only serves to ignite the flames they've stoked in people ignorant enough to assume these people actually know what they're talking about.

So, that's how they deal with people who disagree with them? Pay politicians to help stomp on their rights and try to discredit their views and values with ignorant rhetoric? Sounds like a lack of confidence in their ability to win on a level playing field to me. All the projection and doublethink they spew in the name of holding us down is just shameful!

I'm all for using the consumerism that's been pushed on us in recent decades against those who've pushed it...a little consumer ju jit su, if you will. If profit is all that's understood by these people, then let's show them who still has the power and hit them in their pocketbooks. We can vote for the corporations whose actions we agree with and shun those we don't...kinda like we do with the politicians themselves...

If you can make something instead of buying it, why not? If you can make do with what you have and shop less often, for fewer items, why not? If you can substitute one brand for another to make your point, why not? There's nothing wrong with being practical, as opposed to excessive, and there's nothing wrong with finding out what policies are being bought with your money (from taxes AND consumer purchases) and acting on what you learn.

It's the People that makes a democracy a democracy and our voices DO matter! It's time they hear our collective YELL!