Apr 29, 2011

It's Almost Over...

School, that is. I just finished this week's coursework and all I have next week is one chapter to read and 4 assignments (3 that actually integrate into one large final assignment and my final blogpost on my social media metrics blog I started for school). Then, I have the summer off, which I needed to take, lest I lose what's remaining of my sanity :)

This week started my new contract so, after today, I'll have put in over 30 hours, which is better than I've done in a long time. The work is varied and sometimes tedious but I'm so happy to be working again (particularly in marketing and ecommerce!) that it doesn't matter. Tommorow, I'll be able to devote time to my third contract, which will take a few hours I didn't have for it during the week. Then, I'll be as caught up as I can be until Monday.

The delay for the new apartment is still going on, but I'm OK with that because it buys me some time to find a place better suited to my family's needs. If it comes down to it, I'll take the one in my building to be able to provide my niece her own room (even at the expense of my having a dedicated office space b/c the place is laid out different than my current apartment). However, I will move again if I find something better, even though it will mean adding to my expenses (it's an acceptable trade-off at this point). Needless to say, I'm hoping something else presents itself to avoid the extra work of moving twice. So far, two good prospects have slipped through my fingers, so I'm hoping the third time's the charm.

Here's to an awesome and productive (without being exhausting) weekend!

Apr 22, 2011

Still Reeling From the Whirlwind (and loving it!)

This has been quite the busy week and I couldn't be happier!

For starters, we didn't have to move yet...the new apartment wasn't ready yet and won't be till sometime next week (painting, etc.). But the delay, along with some new developments, may put my original goal back in sight. My fingers are crossed in a major way!

I started a new contract on Tuesday as a Marketing Assistant for a lady whose business is very much in line with what I enjoy doing...working with start-ups and small businesses! I also started a contract with a young college student who is starting up his own business and needs some marketing help. Furthermore, I got another contract from a lady who was referred by my new client I started with Tuesday...I literally just got the confirmation on that and it starts Monday!

With so much going on, I'm glad I have only two more weeks of school and decided to take Summer Term off...all this work puts me close to full-time, which is great! Needless to say, I canceled all the interviews that had been initiated, then sat dormant after...I don't like interviews that are sitting open too long feels inefficient somehow.

Now I just need to see if that house is still available for rent and see if I can borrow from my dad what I need to get us in there quickly! I hate the idea of asking him for anything, much less money (and particularly that much!), but I should see a decent disbursement this fall and could pay him back in full. If everything gels, we'll be in a place with all the space we need and in the best location for us.

I hope everything works out...and that you all are doing well and seeing Spring's fruits blossom as well!

Apr 12, 2011

Quick Interlude

I am interrupting my previous post to mention that I saw my hometown on A&E's show Intervention last night. I heard they were there filming but didn't realize it would air so soon. The topic: "hillbilly heroin" (prescription drug abuse/dangers of "pill mills" and the fact that ole P-town is still among the top list for it in the U.S.) - no real surprises there, 20/20 was there a few years back because it had been named the Oxycontin Capital of the U.S.

Not hard to see why I'm so Not proud to call that place my hometown...that kind of thing has been rampant there longer than I've been alive! However, I was glad to see that there are people trying to kick their habits and organizations trying to help them do it. There is also (finally!) some initiatives for laws that regulate the pill mills and may even shut them down completely.

Progress is progress!

What a Week! (a.k.a. Is It Coming Together Yet?)

I'm checking in early! LOL But I figured since I had to create a blog for school last week (attached to my Blogger profile, if you're interested) and had to pop in weekly for that anyway, then I could surely pop in here also, even for a sec.

There's been some good and bad this week, but I'm hoping it's all coming together for the good. The bad is that I'm stressed from constant job-hunting and resume-sending, as well as a nasty incident at Dollar General that involved my cussing at the cashier for trying to assault me with the turnstile and the manager for claiming I couldn't file a complaint about it (she was "never given the paperwork for customer complaints" - my foot!). I pretty much never behave that way in public, but I was already stressed to the gills and the situation called for it.

All I asked was for the cashier to void one of my items...I only had about 8 to begin with and it wasn't my fault if her, nor her manager, was not properly trained on how to void an item and they had to void the entire purchase and re-scan everything. It certainly didn't call for her to try to take my arm off with the turnstile as I was picking up my bags to leave. I filed a complaint with DG Corporate's HR department and am waiting to hear back. Considering I could've called the police and pressed charges (or worse, try to hit her back), I think I behaved myself pretty well, in regards to how big a scene was caused.

But annnnyway...

The good is that I've started getting hit with interviews and have negotiated possible side-work helping a student with an interesting start-up in my free time. I don't know how I'm going to work it all into my schedule, especially if I get 40 hours/wk, but I'm going to have to work it out. There's one in particular that came about today that I'm especially excited about (albeit, it may involve the most work).

Another good thing is that a 3-br came available in my complex and we're next on the list! It should be ready sometime next week and it's not far from where my 1br was located (when I lived alone, aside from visits from my oldest, before I gained a houseful). I'm started to feel shuffled around but it's biggest issue is where will my desk and sewing table go, as the layout is tricky that way. Hmmmmmm

Unfortunately, the house we wanted may be out of our reach. It's still available but there are certain things that aren't so negotiable. I'm hoping that is something that will change and preferably before making the move next week. My fingers are still crossed.

In any event, I better go and finish up my homework for this week...who knows, I may have a job that needs started on the horizon!

Apr 7, 2011

WOW, it's been a while since I've posted (I know, I know...randomly posting has become my theme). I'd like to say it's that I've been so uber-busy, but this time, it's just laziness on my part, a.k.a. sleeping in my free time.

Just to update my previous rant-post, that woman no longer says one word to me. I like that because it means I don't have to be a bitch but it sucks because she's earned me being a bitch and it denies me socking it to her because there's no sense in bringing it up now. She's on my list, though, for next time...

A lot of my time has been spent tweaking my work profile and applying, like, everywhere, both online and off. I got a call from a top company (full service marketing in the automotive industry who was looking for an SEM specialist) in my boyfriend's hometown, wanting me to begin the recruiting process. I was stoked...until they backed out prior to the official interview.

That's OK, though, because I've got resumes to other top companies in the area (they certainly aren't the only's a big city), as well as an application to intern at one of the top companies in the country. I hope something comes of that because the position the internship is for is something I'm already equipped for (more than the other companies, which the positions are admittedly a bit out of my league). Anyway, an internship with this company would be a very pretty addition to my resume and could also lead to a full-time position after graduation. Nice...

Why am I on the hunt for a full-time gig when some days, it's all I can do to complete my schoolwork and run everyone around? Because I'm sick of living in a cramped apartment and being broke, that's why. I am willing to work myself silly to reach my goal, whether it means we move into this awesome house we found in my hometown or we move to the big city. The place in my hometown means my niece could walk to school and see her friends more often, but paying the extra rent on top of bills we aren't having to pay right now requires me working full-time. Is it worth it? Hell, yes! Along with my niece's independence, my boyfriend could take over the whole getting Bubby to daycare thing and free me up some time to work.

Will it come together for us? That remains to be seen. I had an interview yesterday, another scheduled for today, one possible for next week (won't know till then) and a whole mess of applications and resumes floating around out there. If I can secure a solid job, my dad may be able to cover the costs of moving in quickly and I could pay him back in a couple months time. At this point, I'll do anything to get out of where we and maintenance here have always been nosy (interrogating everyone at every turn - they got my neighbors yesterday, who are also good tenants - then act like you're lying even if they know you're not), but it's gotten worse lately and it's annoying me to death.

I've been spending more time looking for a job than studying, online from early morning to late at night hunting good leads (with occasional naps because that gets exhausting). My fingers are crossed probably more than they've ever been. This house is in the right location, for the right price and with the right amount of space...if we lose this, I'll do something I rarely do anymore...cry!

I can't believe how big this post got...I think I should just stop now.