Apr 12, 2011

Quick Interlude

I am interrupting my previous post to mention that I saw my hometown on A&E's show Intervention last night. I heard they were there filming but didn't realize it would air so soon. The topic: "hillbilly heroin" (prescription drug abuse/dangers of "pill mills" and the fact that ole P-town is still among the top list for it in the U.S.) - no real surprises there, 20/20 was there a few years back because it had been named the Oxycontin Capital of the U.S.

Not hard to see why I'm so Not proud to call that place my hometown...that kind of thing has been rampant there longer than I've been alive! However, I was glad to see that there are people trying to kick their habits and organizations trying to help them do it. There is also (finally!) some initiatives for laws that regulate the pill mills and may even shut them down completely.

Progress is progress!


  1. I know it's a serious subject, and people's lives are ruined by pill use, but saying Hillbilly Heroine always makes me giggle.

  2. too! If they didn't want us snickering about the names they use, they should come up with different ones, hehe.