Feb 23, 2010

Sorry for the delay...there's been so much going on the last month it's not funny!

I did get a new computer and got everything transferred and adjusted. Gave my old one to my brother (mine was in better shape and he can clear the hard drive on it). I also gave him my printer...mine wouldn't work with the new computer (Bleh!), so I had to replace it too. So far, it's going great and came equipped with Nero so maybe I can make use of those disks I bought and burn that metal CD I compiled last year!

I found out that it is the therapy I'm doing that has been exhausting me. The nurse actually told me that the unnatural fatigue and brain fog that keeps me confined to my couch some days is normal...normal! But, at least I know what's going on now. Only 4 more months to go and another 2-3 to readjust to what's normal for me...

I'm thinking of withdrawing from school and going back to online school (the other two contenders I was considering are now back in the running - both legit and good schools!). Between a spike in social anxiety and this treatment draining me, physically making it to class has become near impossible. I'm caught up on my schoolwork for now, but in the next week or two, keeping caught up will get too overwhelming. If I withdraw now, it won't hurt my GPA.

I was given emergency/temporary custody of my 15-year old niece earlier this month and have been getting her enrolled in school, transferring all her records from Cincinnati, where she was living, and setting up appointments, visits, etc. We're all expecting the arrangement to be permanent, which is fine with everyone involved (her, us, children services, her attorney, etc.). Get this: When I took the paperwork into the school to finish her enrollment, they thought I was the student at first...needless to say, I was pretty flattered, LOL!

It had been two years since I've seen her but we got reacquainted just fine and she's been a huge help with the boys and has helped out around the house also. I'm glad to see she's such an independent young lady...this girl will take no crap from any guy, maintains her own mind and is brutally honest, which is how all the girls in my family are raised to be. I'm very proud of her!

I've got two birthdays coming up (my boyfriend and oldest son) and managed to get their gifts ordered today...things they're sure to love!

My only regret today is that I'm too tired to get the work done I'd set for myself, so it has to wait till tomorrow (unless it passes). It can be easily enough caught up, but I hate putting it off. I've been slowly but steadily feeling better, so my fingers are crossed that I can get back into the swing of things soon enough.

I hope all of you are doing well...Spring is on the way and that's something worth celebrating!