Dec 23, 2010

Ups and Downs of the Season

Well, it's official...I failed Algebra! I've never failed a class in my life...this is disappointing, but what's worse is that I'll have to take it again in the Spring instead of Statistics. Bah! Humbug!

My oldest has gotten sick again, just after the rest of us has gotten over this weird cold/illness that's been plaguing us for months. He's got an ear infection, the baby's had strep, we've all had the flu...some of us twice...and there's been this crazy sinus thing that's been hanging around in the backdrop since Aug. We're pretty exhausted at this's got to stop!

My boyfriend's brother and I like to discuss conspiracy theories, among other unusual topics (he's a fellow Scorpio so we totally go there!), and I told him I thought it was something the pharmaceutical companies sprayed into the air to get us to buy up over the counter stuff in an attempt to counter-act everybody going frugal, green and doing alternative therapies (makes for a good conspiracy, right?). It's like 'sure we bought some TheraFlu at one point, but we've also upped our garlic intake and gritted through in your face pharmaceutical companies!' :P

I have barely talked to any of my friends in months, due to schedules and being sick...any time I had free was spent sleeping. I ran into one friend at Halloween (right before my birthday trip to the casino), another the other day at the store and another called me a couple days ago. I'm thinking about setting up either a Myspace or Facebook to make staying in touch easier. There has been some contact, but I miss the little bit of sociability I had before.

One of my personal email addy's I rarely used had been hacked sometime in the last few months since I'd checked it last. I'd even received emails with my full name and old address in the subject title, emails supposedly from friends that looked too suspicious to open and there was evidence that my personal info had been used in a porn site or dating site or IM or whatever. I contacted the FBI's cybercrime unit to start an investigation, since my Facebook had been hacked a few months ago and I was iffy about one of my other little used addy's.

I've changed all my passwords (again!), changed my yahoo profile to that of a very old lady (pic and all...let them use THAT profile in a cyber-chat!) and I'm in the process of transferring the stuff I wanna keep to a new addy so those can be deleted (after an investigation, of course). In any case, it's a good excuse to finally get around to combining those two addy's into one, more manageable one. And, to watch whoever is messing with my stuff going down is simply a bonus because I am one of those weirdos who enjoy it when ignorance gets dealt with!

Woo! Sorry about the rant...sometimes I can't help it. And I'm feeling a bit silly tonight anyhow.

Thanks for bearing with me this Fall...let's enter into Winter on a better note and have a ton of fun this Holiday season!

Dec 20, 2010

Hectic Season!

I can't believe my last post was in Sept! That's crazy. So much has happened since then...

We found out that my youngest has mild aortic stenosis...he was born with two aortic valves instead of three and that's what caused his heart murmur. Valves develop in the first few weeks of pregnancy and I had the flu at the very beginning of the pregnancy with him...dunno if the fever played a part or what. We're worried because of what it could mean for him if it progresses past the mild stage. For example, even at the moderate stage, he'd be unable to play sports. However, his cardiologist says not to worry at this point, just watch for changes and to let him be a kid (mild doesn't require any special adjustments). Some people go all their lives without progressing one iota, so we're hoping for the best.

I finally made it through Fall trimester! My Algebra class was brutal and I won't know till tomorrow if I passed or not. I've never come so close to failing a class in my life...I really don't want to take it over again. I passed Internet Marketing and Communication. I've got two weeks off before Winter term starts...maybe to work, maybe to relax...dunno yet. Next up is Management, Advertising and Social Media Marketing...I'm taking a break from math before Statistics in the Spring, but got a heads up that the Intermediate Algebra course I just finished is way harder.

I asked my doc about the Essure procedure of sterilization and he told me of an improved version, called Adiana, and referred me to a colleague of his. It took two separate surgery dates before it finally took, so now we're waiting for the 3 month mark to be sure everything set right. If all goes well, I'm done having kids. The two (three if you count my niece) I have test my patience...I figure it's best not to test my luck.

I've gained a lot of great experience on oDesk lately, mostly in creating marketing materials, and one client referred me to one of her clients, who has since referred me to two others. I'm ecstatic that my skills are so well-thought of and I'm given a chance to advance in Marketing. I'll probably get some Adobe CS5 software for this, while the student discounts are still available. Next, I'd like to get hands-on with ecommerce admin and active online marketing campaigns or social media work.

I had some time to kill today and decided to look up language learning. I thought Rosetta Stone, while useful, was so far out of my budget it isn't funny. So, I looked up what was available for free and came across a site called LiveMocha"...It covered all 6 languages I want to learn (French, German, Italian, Gaelic, Latin and Cherokee), so I signed up. So far, I'm partway through the first French lesson. I've also gotten a start on gaining 'points' by helping those learning English to improve their skills. It's pretty cool...I'm enjoying it so far...

I better get going and make some dinner for the gang (got a house-full). We've got a full lunar eclipse tonight that I don't wanna miss...just in time for Yule!

Hope you're all well and enjoying this holiday season!

Sep 29, 2010

This week starts my internet marketing class...5 chapters followed by 6 assignments...yeaahhhh, until my teacher posts an update for our 'outdated syllabus' that said we only needed to read the first 3 chapters. I wish I'd have read that announcement before reading the chapters...I wouldn't be a day behind now, LOL

In any case, I'm 2/3 into next week's reading and only have two assignments left in that class (both fairly detailed), followed by one long algebra session (this week, anyway). Hopefully, next week will be better...

I'm almost finished with the one article...just have to add the references, then we're discussing the possibility of me marketing a site or two part-time. After my two articles this week, I might have a speech and powerpoint to do, but we'll see later about that...

It's a lot, to be sure, but if I can use the next two days busting ass on it, I might have a bit of the weekend after all...*fingers crossed*

Hope all's well with you all out there in the blogosphere!

Sep 16, 2010

A Relaxing Day

Today's been really nice, which is amazing since I've been up since 6am and it's 2:15pm all day has been relaxing, so far. I managed to get ahead on an article I'm writing and get started (nearly halfway done) on another one, get some running done...all at a leisurely pace and without distraction. (watch, I'll say that, then it becomes instant chaos, hehe)

I even got an email from one of my employers who loved my last article so much that she wants to give me a $5/hr raise!!! Needless to say, I appreciated that idea very much! I'd been giving it some thought lately...instead of trying to start my own little biz or taking on additional work, I may simply stick to the work I have and use the free time I have during the day to be creative or lazy. I had griped that I no longer do anything I used to love doing and when the time came up, I wanted to work. Sure, I could always use the money, but the relaxation is more precious to me and will give me more time for cooking, sewing or reading.

The little one has really taken to daycare and we're all happier for it! Now he cries a sec when I pick him up, but just a sec... He gets to run his little heart out, play games, hang out with other kids and enjoy "messy" time (art). My oldest boy and my niece have adjusted to being back in school and it's all going smoothly. Heck, for that matter, my boyfriend and I are getting along better in many, well...we tend to get along well anyway, but I mean we react better to our stressors and don't take them out on each other as much.

I love the way Fall kind of slows us down a bit and makes us evaluate/prioritize things...this is a momentum I'd like to hang onto for a while, if I can. Here's to the smell of falling leaves, cozy nights relaxing with hot cider, inner reflection and the excitement of Halloween!

Sep 10, 2010

Summer's Coming to an End Already

Just when we get used to it, it wanes into fall...but that's OK, Fall is my favorite season, with Halloween being my favorite holiday. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!

When I get my math caught up (it's due Monday), I'll start planning for the baby's birthday and the Halloween party. Today's my sister's B-day (she's 34), so visiting her will be this evening's priority...math can wait till I return. I have been trying to get the apartment in order since I had the free time and it takes my days, so I still have the practice and graded problems left to do. I'm not particularly looking forward to approx. 100 algebra problems, but once they're done, I can focus on other things.

I'd like to do a full smudging while I'm straightening up closets and cleaning rooms, but it would set off the smoke alarm and I don't have anything tall enough to stand on (even at my 5'7) to shut it off long enough. I'll have to make do with burning oils and clearing really needs it.

I re-checked the Fixed-Price assignment I'm working on and am feeling much better about it. The writing is slow going, but we only committed to 10 articles a month, so I think I can get a rhythm going with it and be fine. I took a chance and applied for a social media marketing position...and got an interview! The terms look really good and I'm hoping I get it. It would be a good move for my marketing career.

The nights (and mornings) are getting cool pretty quickly but, despite this, Fall seems to be well on her way and bringing in some calm. Here's to cozy times and peace of mind!

Sep 8, 2010

My Lil Baby Boy

Just when I thought I had nothing to write youngest started daycare today. I'm thrilled for the uninterrupted time to get more done, but it's gonna take a day or two to adjust, lol. I've even called to make sure he was OK (he freaked when he saw I was leaving and had to be led out to the playground along with the other kids). Luckily, he's doing great and has even adjusted to their lunch and naptime routines already.

I'm catching up on this week's math work and am near done...the syllabus is very well-structured so I shouldn't get all overwhelmed even when my next class (Internet Marketing) starts later this month. If I'm lucky, I may be able to get (and stay) ahead on it.

My block was helped by being given some topics to work with, which helped me focus. Right now, I'm dicey on the assignment but I'll know by next week if it's just my paranoia or not. I'm two articles in, but haven't yet seen them on the site they were written for and want to make sure I'll get paid for them.

In any case, I think I'm gonna hunt for a consistent assignment that will supplement the piece-work I've been doing. I should be able to spare 10 extra hours a week and still maintain my current load now that my little Mister is in daycare.

Here's to some peace and quiet this Fall! After some planning for the baby's birthday and Halloween, that is...

Aug 26, 2010

A Roadblock, Preparations and Hope for my Brainwaves?

The new gig on oDesk isn't going as well as I hoped...the employer is waiting for my first article to officially hire me. I'm not used to that, but considering it's the first Fixed-Price assignment I've given much thought to (I tend to avoid them, since they aren't guaranteed), I was OK with the 'per-article contingent on quality' terms...that's typical in professional writing.

However, despite the fact that I'm interested in both the subject matter and the website it's for, I can't seem to find anything to write about. I don't know if I've hit on some writer's block or if the mental burnout I'd been experiencing since the treatment started has finally fried my brain, but it's frustrating. I'm hoping it goes away and leaves me alone soon. Even if I blow it with this employer, I've still got work to do with others...and I'm still looking for an on-going I can't be all brain-dead and whatnot.

On a more positive note, I'm preparing to go back to school in a week and a half. My original estimate was off. Today or tomorrow, I'll be able to log in and see the syllabi for my courses, so I'll know what I'm in for this Fall. The school ordered my books on my behalf, but only sent the first two...I'm going to have to order the third myself. I think the problem was that the third class starts so late in the term that the school's system couldn't order it.

I start with math (Algebra)...not my best subject, though I managed to get a B in it's pre-req at a previous college. I signed up for a weekly live group session to help and the school has other resources if I wind up needing them. I expect myself to do well because this class is a pre-req for my Accounting and Economics classes...I need to know this stuff inside and out.

On an even more positive note, I'm still tired mentally but physically, I'm starting to perk back up! I'm actually remembering to take a vitamin (with my meds) and it's helping counter my lack of proper diet...soon I will have the energy to make healthy meal plans/recipes/shopping lists, prep them ahead to save time, etc. I even picked up my weights for the first time in who knows how long yesterday (or the day before). Also, I'm trying to phase out some (not all!) of the caffeine I drink with herbal tea, juice and milk. I'm not being an exact saint about it, but it's a start and every little bit helps.

I figure, at this rate, my brain should start waking up soon too, LOL Getting out of the house more often has helped me relax some and things in the house are less tense when I am home. For my niece's b-day last week, she, my sis and I went to get their piercings (monroe re-do and industrial for niece and belly for sis). They offered me an amazing (almost unheard of) deal to re-do my scorpion tattoo when I asked for a price quote...the lines got faded during my last pregnancy and needed to be touched up. It's looking fresh now (we even added new color) and the girl's evening out was the most fun I've had in a long time!

Here's to healing, re-energizing and great times!

Aug 23, 2010

New Horizons...I Hope!

So, one of my new employers is a skilled and certified naturopath who has helped inspire me to finally answer the call I've been getting (which has been more like a subdued screaming lately) to get back into doing healings and readings and things like that. Mind you, I'm an untrained natural shaman and empath who's been out of the game for nearly a decade and am looking into taking courses and gain the training I'd need to do it righteously.

I'm thinking that if I can re-locate my "center", then I can re-balance and if I can keep up with a new health regimen that my employer helped inspire, then I can regain my natural high level of health. I will be in a good place from there to help others.

All this has me in such a good mood that I'm even thinking I can add this somehow to my business plans. It's along the same lines, somewhat, and I'm now thinking it was a good thing that I have been unable to launch yet. The ideas are flowing and I've been adding to the original plan. Things happen the way they do for a reason and I think I may have discovered a fuller extent of my calling.

This is probably the most personal I've ever gotten in this blog but I had to tell someone...why not you?

Here's to hoping you are all well!

Aug 19, 2010

Random Blurbs and Saving on Groceries

I apologize (again) for it being so long since the last post. I've been off of treatment for a bit and I still feel crappy. It's only changed my symptoms, not reduced them, and now they tell me I'm hypoglycemic too (which explains why I'm still exhausted...I need to actually eat once in a while, LOL). I was also diagnosed with gerd, which sucks because the nurse said my body was so lacking in energy that I"m forced to nap after meals (digestion takes a lot of energy) and you're not supposed to lay down after eating or gerd will act up.

I'm trying to pick up more work on oDesk despite still feeling bad...daycare is becoming necessary, so, therefore, affording it is as well. The work I've found has challenged me, which will help my career goals, and the higher pay rate will really help. I'm now doing piece work for multiple employers over the long-term - diversification. School starts back in three weeks and I want to acclimate to my new schedule and get used to having more time to meet my deadlines.

Now...on to the main reason I'm here when I should be working on an article (or napping...I'm so tired). I want to spread the word about a wonderful program called Angel Food Ministries. They have volunteers all over the country that will take grocery orders and provide pick-up spots. Pick ups are once a month, on the last Saturday of the month. Every month, they provide menus with boxes to choose from...some are standard and others are just for that month. Until this month, I was getting their allergy-free boxes (gluten free breaded chicken and stuff!)...hopefully they'll bring em back next month! They take cash and SNAP (formerly called food stamps) in person and credit/debit both online and in person.

I've been doing this for 2 months now and have just put in my third order. The prices are great (a week's worth of nutritionally balanced dinners for a family of four is $28.95, dropped from $30) and the food is good quality. At a time when $400/month for groceries barely feeds a family at all, this is a great deal! My only suggestion is to make room in your fridge and freezers for all that food! I have a small deep freezer and still had to put in a smaller order this time (though much of that had to do with the fact that my dad was getting the allergy-free boxes for me as well, so I'm well-stocked, LOL!

I better get cracking back on that article because I just got more work and am getting hired for even more rest for the ambitious, I guess! Besides, I need to try staying awake for longer stretches and hope it helps me regain my strength and brain capacity. I just wanted to check in and pass along that great site in the hopes that it can help you all save on groceries!

Jun 11, 2010

Hackers and Other Ignorance

Ooooooh, ignorance like this is one of my pet peeves! I went on my facebook to catch up and realized my account had been hacked! I went through the proper steps and facebook is on it. The thing is, I have my suspicions on who did it...I just don't know how to point facebook in their direction to be sure of it. I was inspired to change all of my passwords and double-check my virus protection, just in case.

Is it just me, or are ignorant people with nothing better to do than behave stupidly out in force this year? In my area, it's getting really bad and I'm contemplating another move...out of the area entirely.

I will never understand people who walk over others or take the easy way out to 'get by' in life. Call me old-fashioned, but they're just lazy fools to me. These people will never amount to anything because they'll never find out what they're really made of...they're reliant on the efforts of others and will, therefore, be limited by others.

It is my solemn wish that they grow up and improve themselves for themselves...and if that don't work...well, karma's a bitch!

Apr 16, 2010

Brosia Rant #1

OK, normally I save my full-blown rants for my myspace page, but I'm changing my M.O. for today. I'm generally pretty well-behaved but, damnit, everyone's entitled to the occasional bitch-fest!

I keep getting political emails from various friends bashing President Obama and it's starting to piss me off. Granted, I don't follow every single thing every single politician does - I have a life to live as well - but from what I've seen, he's done more in less than a year and a half than Bush did in 8. He inherited a HUGE problem and is dealing the best way he can with the pressure of the world on him. Everyone expects him to be some perfect superhero or something. NEWSFLASH: He's only human, it's just that he has a much more demanding job than most of us do. Personally, I respect the fact that he hit the ground running as soon as he took office and tried to get things done, just as he said he'd do. The guy didn't falter in that one little bit. (Bush, by comparison, went golfing and took vacations the first 8 months in)

I'll admit that not everything that's come about is perfect, but I don't expect them to be either. There are *seemingly* a bunch of unsavory things in the new healthcare bill to contend with. I say seemingly because I'm still trying to determine how much of it is Repub propaganda - courtesy of Fixed News...they seem to be out in full force spreading the hate, as always. I've personally seen their anchors twisting facts and spreading vicious lies to suit their (and their sponsors) agendas, insisting they're right even when facts are clearly and openly against them, so I feel justified in making that comment.

Now, before I start getting hateful comments, let me just clarify that I am an Independent. My Democrat leanings stem from the fact that I've seen more bullsh*t from the Repub side than the Dems. Bring me a politician from either side with something meaningful to offer this country (without bringing religion or party division into it-those are personal liberties and not to be put upon the rest of us) and I'll vote for them. Period!

All I'm saying is that people are wasting their time trying to punish Obama for the mistakes and atrocities of the previous administration (it's even been said Obama was responsible for the first of the corporate 'bail-outs', which occurred while Bush was still in office - seriously, give us the benefit of our own intelligence!). It will take more than one year to see the instantaneous results Americans so often demand (that's a rant for another time!). Give the guy a break...and the chance to improve this country!

This same right-wing-oriented "let's maintain the 'good ole boy' and to hell with progress because it hurts our profits" agenda is taking place in my own town. We have a new (female) mayor and the corrupt-ass city council is giving her hell too. The council is working on being voted out of office the same way the last two mayors were...good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say.

Honestly, though, we need to cut the crap (i.e. party lines, greed-mongering, etc.) and try to work together to make the changes necessary to getting things on track...and try to help keep them that way. I know you can't please everyone and that some simply can't be pleased at all, but to at least give it a shot shows that we can behave like the evolved beings we're supposed to be...and that's a start, is it not?

Apr 9, 2010

Delay longer than expected

It's been something like 2 months since my last post...a lot's happened since then. I slowly got over the side effects of this treatment, but am still doing the minimum to keep from tiring myself out (taking it easy on the Superwoman stuff, LOL). Some days I catch up easily and other days I do good to stay caught up. You know how it is.

There has been some issues with my family. After my grandpa's girlfriend died a couple/three months ago, he steadily got worse himself. A week or so after his 95th birthday, I got the call he was in the hospital. A few days later, I got the call that they found cancer on his liver and one lung, among other problems. The following morning, I got the call that he'd passed during the night. The funeral was two days before my dad's birthday, so we all went out of our way to make it as good a one as possible.

Some family members chose this time to create drama over the craziest, most ridiculous stuff...namely my mom, brother and ex (oldest son's dad). Generally, we just stay away from them now and I only deal with my ex on weekends anyway.

I recently found out that I could get my son tested for autism. I've been suspecting since he was two (he has many of the classic symptoms), but couldn't get his dad (who has custody) to get him checked (his response is 'there isn't anything wrong with my boy...don't even suggest it!'). It's my legal right to be involved in his schooling and I found out schools can test. I also got the contact info for the nearest specialist. If his dad fails to look out for his best interests, I'll be forced to sue and revoke my signature on those custody papers.

On a good note, I've been able to slowly increase my work hours back up to something normal and am finally re-enrolling in a reputable state university's online marketing program. It'll be challenging, but soooo worth it.

The baby's growing like a weed and talks even more...tries to draw and write...he's only 18 months old! My niece is adjusting to this area, but still misses her friends in Cincy...she's been a big help to me lately through all this.

WOW, this thing's turned into an essay. Guess it goes with the territory of the long delay. I'll try to keep the next one shorter.

Hope everything's going well with all of you!

Feb 23, 2010

Sorry for the delay...there's been so much going on the last month it's not funny!

I did get a new computer and got everything transferred and adjusted. Gave my old one to my brother (mine was in better shape and he can clear the hard drive on it). I also gave him my printer...mine wouldn't work with the new computer (Bleh!), so I had to replace it too. So far, it's going great and came equipped with Nero so maybe I can make use of those disks I bought and burn that metal CD I compiled last year!

I found out that it is the therapy I'm doing that has been exhausting me. The nurse actually told me that the unnatural fatigue and brain fog that keeps me confined to my couch some days is normal...normal! But, at least I know what's going on now. Only 4 more months to go and another 2-3 to readjust to what's normal for me...

I'm thinking of withdrawing from school and going back to online school (the other two contenders I was considering are now back in the running - both legit and good schools!). Between a spike in social anxiety and this treatment draining me, physically making it to class has become near impossible. I'm caught up on my schoolwork for now, but in the next week or two, keeping caught up will get too overwhelming. If I withdraw now, it won't hurt my GPA.

I was given emergency/temporary custody of my 15-year old niece earlier this month and have been getting her enrolled in school, transferring all her records from Cincinnati, where she was living, and setting up appointments, visits, etc. We're all expecting the arrangement to be permanent, which is fine with everyone involved (her, us, children services, her attorney, etc.). Get this: When I took the paperwork into the school to finish her enrollment, they thought I was the student at first...needless to say, I was pretty flattered, LOL!

It had been two years since I've seen her but we got reacquainted just fine and she's been a huge help with the boys and has helped out around the house also. I'm glad to see she's such an independent young lady...this girl will take no crap from any guy, maintains her own mind and is brutally honest, which is how all the girls in my family are raised to be. I'm very proud of her!

I've got two birthdays coming up (my boyfriend and oldest son) and managed to get their gifts ordered today...things they're sure to love!

My only regret today is that I'm too tired to get the work done I'd set for myself, so it has to wait till tomorrow (unless it passes). It can be easily enough caught up, but I hate putting it off. I've been slowly but steadily feeling better, so my fingers are crossed that I can get back into the swing of things soon enough.

I hope all of you are doing well...Spring is on the way and that's something worth celebrating!

Jan 29, 2010

Getting Caught Up...

It's been a hell of a long week! I spent a lot of it on my couch feeling like crap, which piles my To-Do list into something rather scary...the thought of which only makes me feel more miserable.

Luckily, today has been an improvement. My school assignments are manageable except for one class...Web Publishing! I couldn't get the student files to open on my computer (which has been increasingly acting up lately), so fell about two weeks behind there.

I felt good enough to get last week's completed, but still have this week's to tackle over the weekend. Unfortunately, the files we have to edit still won't open, so I'm building them from scratch instead (thank goodness for my meager background with HTML!). I'm impressed at what I was able to accomplish in a couple hours...they look pretty good, if I do say so myself. My other two classes should be caught up within a couple hours, so not so much worry there.

What I am worried about is staying on the computer too long at a stretch, with it acting up, so I'm accomplishing less in a day's time and having to choose between whether to catch up school or work assignments. I'm planning on looking into getting another computer once I'm caught up enough on all sides to take a day to do that. I just bought this one a year ago, so it's pissing me off that I may need to replace it already.

At any rate, things have started the climb back to a state of relative normalcy. I guess I can't bitch too much...just go with it and try to maintain the momentum upswing.

Jan 23, 2010

Just checking in...

...cause it's been a while since I've posted.

Just when I thought it was coming together, I got sick. BLEH! Mostly a sinus thing (on-going since fall) but got worse and created a week-long migraine that still won't go away. I figure it'll keep me nauseous until it finally goes away.

A friend of mine jokes that I'm pregnant because it's typical for me to have a mental breakdown as the morning (i.e. all day) sickness eases in to take over for 4 months. All of which I've experienced recently., I don't think I'm pregnant. First, I don't 'feel' pregnant (which always happens) and, second, we ruled that out before we started my shots last month as standard procedure. I do think the shots are aggravating my system, though. They're sort of designed to flucuate's how they work. It's hitting all my bi-polar buttons, except the ever-useful mania.

Still fighting the depression and am hoping to have it in a submission hold soon (I figure it'll improve as my cold does). The real fun starts after this second shot I'm getting Monday, when menopausal symptoms are likely (temporarily, thank goodness, I'm only 29).

My schoolwork is caught up (though I missed some days), but I've put in very few hours of work, which bothers me. I took the week from the surveys off I'm glad I did, feeling so crappy. Funny that I can be physically injured and still function very well, but I turn into a big baby if I get a cold. I used to hang out with a girl who was the exact opposite.

I think I'm going back to my couch to try to feel head feels like it's in a vice...

Hope this week has been better for all of you!

Jan 14, 2010

It's getting better...I hope...

Things are slowly getting caught up, my cold is improving and so has my mood. My fingers are crossed that it's not just a fluke or quirk of the week.

Aside from school, I'm relaxing everything else for a few days...I think some unwinding is in order. Either that or I'll crack and everything I hold together falls apart. I have both Suze Orman books and Laurell K. Hamilton novels to get reading on, so maybe I'll start on those!

I have class tonight and, hopefully, not too much homework (last week's weather cancelled the first class). Monday's class is out next week, so it buys me some time to complete that assignment and Wednesday's class doesn't pick up till next week, so I'm good there, as long as I can hold onto the new momentum I'm working on building.

Seems like everyone else has gotten busy too, whether it's trying something new (for a hobby or business) or hauling ass on existing things. I wish everyone the best of luck with your work, projects, hobbies and other resolutions. I hope we all succeed in our endeavors this year!

Jan 12, 2010

Is it spring yet?

Last week's crap aside, I am sooo not feeling good! I've been fighting that sinus thing since before Thanksgiving...I think it's finally getting one up on me and is starting to kick my ass!

That's not all that's feeding my negative mood, unfortunately. It seems like I'm behind in everything - work, domestics and (if nothing changes) school is soon to follow. I've been slagging in order to accommodate this cold and have even stopped taking my relaxants to make sure that's not making it worse. My nerves have let me know they don't like that decision much!

The ole bi-polar switch decided to go full-tilt into depression just when I needed the manic side to kick in and help me get things done (yeah, it's actually very useful sometimes, LOL). Where do you go when you need a break but don't have the time to take one or the pride to ask for one?

Maybe a quick nap (as soon as the baby's down for his) will help the crankies enough to get something done. If anything, managing that will help edge me out of this slump I've found my way into. Hopefully, I won't need too many of them!

Here's to a full recharge to get us all through the rest of the winter!

Jan 8, 2010

And The Year's Just Getting Started!

I went last week to get my first round of shots, then got sick with a sinus cold...go figure! But I'm now starting to get my head back on straight...I hope...

So far this year, I've tossed two "friends" to the curb and have made a few new ones, in addition to getting back in touch with a handful of old ones. My new 'crew' doesn't bog me down with the negativity the two afore-mentioned ones did. One dated an ex of mine, then blamed me for his shortcomings as a boyfriend (as if she didn't already know about them) and the other took full advantage of every offer to help her out when she needed it, then decided I work too much to hang out with anymore after she started spending more time with the other. Weird excuses and I even tried for months to give them chances to 'snap out of it', but they're both gone now! I don't need the hassle or their immaturity!

One girl I met at school is wanting to start a school club for working students with kids, since there are so many of us and we don't have anything like that yet. I'm hoping to help as much as my schedule will allow. Another old friend of mine just started with oDesk as a computer/software expert and is building his career as a freelancer. It's nice to be around proactive people that don't mind a bit of work to see something great happen! It's a real breath of fresh air.

My friend and I are planning to work on some dolls soon, but we don't know how far we'll take it yet (still much to discuss there, but the hobby's ON!). I'm wanting to start my business soon, but I want to be realistically sure of my schedule first, so I'm going to wait a couple weeks to see how school changes things.

So many changes, and the year's just getting started...I expect 2010 will prove to be one hell of a year. Here's to personal growth and making things happen!

Jan 5, 2010

First Day of School

That sounds weird, being an adult, but yesterday was my first day back in a physical classroom. I already have my first assignment, which I need to knock out as soon as I post this to stay caught up.

A strange development is that my boyfriend's ex-fiance is in my class. I'm not sure if she knows about me, or if she knows I know who she is, or anything like that. It's not a big deal, just one of those curious things that occur sometimes, LOL

I'm already starting to see my time slipping away, so I"m going to have to get a handle on it pronto! I didn't do a bad job of it, but I am a bit behind on some things. I'll try to get it done before I have to go to class tomorrow. Getting things done during the day without having to hire a sitter is one reason I chose evening classes this semester.

I hope everyone's having a great week so far...