Aug 23, 2010

New Horizons...I Hope!

So, one of my new employers is a skilled and certified naturopath who has helped inspire me to finally answer the call I've been getting (which has been more like a subdued screaming lately) to get back into doing healings and readings and things like that. Mind you, I'm an untrained natural shaman and empath who's been out of the game for nearly a decade and am looking into taking courses and gain the training I'd need to do it righteously.

I'm thinking that if I can re-locate my "center", then I can re-balance and if I can keep up with a new health regimen that my employer helped inspire, then I can regain my natural high level of health. I will be in a good place from there to help others.

All this has me in such a good mood that I'm even thinking I can add this somehow to my business plans. It's along the same lines, somewhat, and I'm now thinking it was a good thing that I have been unable to launch yet. The ideas are flowing and I've been adding to the original plan. Things happen the way they do for a reason and I think I may have discovered a fuller extent of my calling.

This is probably the most personal I've ever gotten in this blog but I had to tell someone...why not you?

Here's to hoping you are all well!


  1. Well I for one am glad you did!!!
    That's sounds awesome, Ambrosia. I do believe we meet certain people for a reason...
    I regularly re-balance myself with Reiki and other spiritual tools, because it is so easy to get side-tracked in our chaotic world. I also need to remind myself to only follow my heart!
    I hope you do too.

    take care and keep us updated :)


  2. Thank you...I will try to. I agree...this world has gotten so "rush, rush" that it's become hard to even catch your breath!

    My ex-fiance's aunt is one of the local Reiki masters in my area and I thought about getting into it since the type of healing I did as a teen was like an untrained form of Reiki, from the sound of it.

    Here's to a great day...and inner balance for all!