Feb 4, 2012

Canada for US President? Beats the Alternative!

OK, I had this long crazy political tirade all set up to go, about the Komen foundation thing, how idiotic and out-of-touch our GOP candidates are (excepting Ron Paul), how our money has no real value, so on and so forth when it dawned on me that it was much better to just post this video I found.

Mind you, I found the other Canada video first but felt this one covers it more. Everything they say about the candidates is true, in my opinion. Nonetheless, the sheer comedy of it beats most of what we could come up with on our own. Believe it or not, I've entertained the notion of moving to Canada, should America be dumb enough to vote a Republican in this go-round, to spare my family the tyranny that would surely ensue...but perhaps Canada will make a home here instead ;)