Aug 26, 2010

A Roadblock, Preparations and Hope for my Brainwaves?

The new gig on oDesk isn't going as well as I hoped...the employer is waiting for my first article to officially hire me. I'm not used to that, but considering it's the first Fixed-Price assignment I've given much thought to (I tend to avoid them, since they aren't guaranteed), I was OK with the 'per-article contingent on quality' terms...that's typical in professional writing.

However, despite the fact that I'm interested in both the subject matter and the website it's for, I can't seem to find anything to write about. I don't know if I've hit on some writer's block or if the mental burnout I'd been experiencing since the treatment started has finally fried my brain, but it's frustrating. I'm hoping it goes away and leaves me alone soon. Even if I blow it with this employer, I've still got work to do with others...and I'm still looking for an on-going I can't be all brain-dead and whatnot.

On a more positive note, I'm preparing to go back to school in a week and a half. My original estimate was off. Today or tomorrow, I'll be able to log in and see the syllabi for my courses, so I'll know what I'm in for this Fall. The school ordered my books on my behalf, but only sent the first two...I'm going to have to order the third myself. I think the problem was that the third class starts so late in the term that the school's system couldn't order it.

I start with math (Algebra)...not my best subject, though I managed to get a B in it's pre-req at a previous college. I signed up for a weekly live group session to help and the school has other resources if I wind up needing them. I expect myself to do well because this class is a pre-req for my Accounting and Economics classes...I need to know this stuff inside and out.

On an even more positive note, I'm still tired mentally but physically, I'm starting to perk back up! I'm actually remembering to take a vitamin (with my meds) and it's helping counter my lack of proper diet...soon I will have the energy to make healthy meal plans/recipes/shopping lists, prep them ahead to save time, etc. I even picked up my weights for the first time in who knows how long yesterday (or the day before). Also, I'm trying to phase out some (not all!) of the caffeine I drink with herbal tea, juice and milk. I'm not being an exact saint about it, but it's a start and every little bit helps.

I figure, at this rate, my brain should start waking up soon too, LOL Getting out of the house more often has helped me relax some and things in the house are less tense when I am home. For my niece's b-day last week, she, my sis and I went to get their piercings (monroe re-do and industrial for niece and belly for sis). They offered me an amazing (almost unheard of) deal to re-do my scorpion tattoo when I asked for a price quote...the lines got faded during my last pregnancy and needed to be touched up. It's looking fresh now (we even added new color) and the girl's evening out was the most fun I've had in a long time!

Here's to healing, re-energizing and great times!

Aug 23, 2010

New Horizons...I Hope!

So, one of my new employers is a skilled and certified naturopath who has helped inspire me to finally answer the call I've been getting (which has been more like a subdued screaming lately) to get back into doing healings and readings and things like that. Mind you, I'm an untrained natural shaman and empath who's been out of the game for nearly a decade and am looking into taking courses and gain the training I'd need to do it righteously.

I'm thinking that if I can re-locate my "center", then I can re-balance and if I can keep up with a new health regimen that my employer helped inspire, then I can regain my natural high level of health. I will be in a good place from there to help others.

All this has me in such a good mood that I'm even thinking I can add this somehow to my business plans. It's along the same lines, somewhat, and I'm now thinking it was a good thing that I have been unable to launch yet. The ideas are flowing and I've been adding to the original plan. Things happen the way they do for a reason and I think I may have discovered a fuller extent of my calling.

This is probably the most personal I've ever gotten in this blog but I had to tell someone...why not you?

Here's to hoping you are all well!

Aug 19, 2010

Random Blurbs and Saving on Groceries

I apologize (again) for it being so long since the last post. I've been off of treatment for a bit and I still feel crappy. It's only changed my symptoms, not reduced them, and now they tell me I'm hypoglycemic too (which explains why I'm still exhausted...I need to actually eat once in a while, LOL). I was also diagnosed with gerd, which sucks because the nurse said my body was so lacking in energy that I"m forced to nap after meals (digestion takes a lot of energy) and you're not supposed to lay down after eating or gerd will act up.

I'm trying to pick up more work on oDesk despite still feeling bad...daycare is becoming necessary, so, therefore, affording it is as well. The work I've found has challenged me, which will help my career goals, and the higher pay rate will really help. I'm now doing piece work for multiple employers over the long-term - diversification. School starts back in three weeks and I want to acclimate to my new schedule and get used to having more time to meet my deadlines.

Now...on to the main reason I'm here when I should be working on an article (or napping...I'm so tired). I want to spread the word about a wonderful program called Angel Food Ministries. They have volunteers all over the country that will take grocery orders and provide pick-up spots. Pick ups are once a month, on the last Saturday of the month. Every month, they provide menus with boxes to choose from...some are standard and others are just for that month. Until this month, I was getting their allergy-free boxes (gluten free breaded chicken and stuff!)...hopefully they'll bring em back next month! They take cash and SNAP (formerly called food stamps) in person and credit/debit both online and in person.

I've been doing this for 2 months now and have just put in my third order. The prices are great (a week's worth of nutritionally balanced dinners for a family of four is $28.95, dropped from $30) and the food is good quality. At a time when $400/month for groceries barely feeds a family at all, this is a great deal! My only suggestion is to make room in your fridge and freezers for all that food! I have a small deep freezer and still had to put in a smaller order this time (though much of that had to do with the fact that my dad was getting the allergy-free boxes for me as well, so I'm well-stocked, LOL!

I better get cracking back on that article because I just got more work and am getting hired for even more rest for the ambitious, I guess! Besides, I need to try staying awake for longer stretches and hope it helps me regain my strength and brain capacity. I just wanted to check in and pass along that great site in the hopes that it can help you all save on groceries!