May 21, 2009

oDesk update!

I've been meaning to update for about a week or so, but have been working, managing the domestics and preparing for school to start back up. For now, I'm in between the planning and beginning phases of product development, so I can take a breather on that for now. The home decor website will be worked on in what free time I'll have for it. Also, following an Avon meeting set for tonight, I'll most likely be an active Rep. again.

I was happy to see the comments on my last post, one was even from oDesk's CEO Gary Swart! I realized after I commented back that I forgot to thank him for manning the helm of such a great company. My friend Duni commented and asked if oDesk is just here in the U.S., which reminded me that I also completely forgot to mention that they span the globe...I've seen Buyers and Providers from all over, and translation seems to be very much in demand!

After I posted, I was informed that I had scored another job on oDesk, this time without even an interview! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. This position is an ongoing one, processing customer surveys for a travel company. I'm happy that both jobs are beneficial to my marketing degree, since sales copy and surveys are generally tools of the trade. In fact, both Buyers have upped my hours, and I'm now at approx. full-time, depending on the week's work.

Processing so many surveys can be time consuming and even tiring, but I'm a nomad at heart (a gypsy, if you will) and hearing first hand accounts of the experiences others have in so many places really brings out the wanderlust in me. I went to their website and located what would be a perfect trip for my best friend and I to take one day (hopefully soon)...eastern Europe! We couldn't leave just yet though, with her about to have a baby anytime and me being so busy, but for future reference...

I better get going and get this week's surveys finished up...I've got another batch coming and I better get an early start so I can get ready for that meeting this evening. Take care, all!

May 9, 2009

Working From Home With oDesk!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but I had put my Avon business on hold due to low sales (they are impossibly down district-wide). I had to do something to get a little cashflow going, but there really aren't any jobs in my area at the moment...this is a bad area for jobs even when there's not a recession.

I was checking out the Work From Home Mother blog - fortuitous since I'd hardly been on any blogs for a while - and found a post about oDesk. It sounded great, so I signed up and I'm so glad I did! Thank you so much, Work From Home Mother!!

oDesk is basically a virtual staffing agency that has a rating system, sort of like eBay does, where you can set up a profile as your resume (you become a "Provider") and apply for jobs. Thousands of jobs are available in web design, programming, various writing, sales & marketing, customer service, etc! You can even take tests on various skills to make yourself more marketable to potential employers, known as "Buyers". In fact, I'd like to take a few more. You set your available hours and pay rate.

After a few days and about 6 applications, which are sent as a customized cover letter, I got an interview with a gentleman with a marketing firm in Canada looking for someone familiar with work from home businesses to write some sales copy. How fortuitous that it matched me so well - my profile has me as a marketing student and WAHM who writes...perfect! I'm almost finished with my first weekly bit...just have to edit my work and send it in!

I'm still figuring out how the odesk Team system works, because I need to delete about 20 minutes where I was logged in, but had to jump up to take care of the baby.

If ANY of you reading this are interested in working from home, definitely give oDesk a try! It's legit, payment for hourly gigs are guaranteed (as long as the Buyer's payment method has been verified) and there are jobs there! I'm not the most skilled person by ANY means, but I found an assignment even competing against some heavy hitters...what can I say, I write a snazzy cover letter!

Best of all, it's FREE! Here's the link, what are you waiting for?

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Passionate Blogger Award!!

My blog was given this award quite some time ago, and I promised that as soon as I was able, I would pass it along to some worthy blogs. In between prep work for product development, gearing up to start at a new school, domestic/mom duties, setting up a website for my home decor products and working an assignment at oDesk (more on that later), I finally found that time. I didn't mean to take so's kind of been having it's way with me lately.

First, I want to thank Duni at Lovely Purses for nominating me for this award. I highly recommend checking out her blog...she's awesome!

Passionate Blogger Award

Here's my list of blogs to nominate...check 'em out!

*Shawn at The Shark Tank - this blog is either seriously humorous or humorously can decide which, lol

*My friend at Shopping Kharma - this blog tells of the personal struggles and triumphs of a strong young woman

*Bonnie at Thrifty Momma Ramblings - this blog is always full of great advice to be resourceful by

*Dianne at WAHMs United - this blog is a great resource for WAHMs and is full of articles...I also love her eco-friendly WAHM blog!

That's it for now...I could think of many others that are worthy, but I can't seem to find the list I had...definitely check these out, they are great!