May 9, 2009

Passionate Blogger Award!!

My blog was given this award quite some time ago, and I promised that as soon as I was able, I would pass it along to some worthy blogs. In between prep work for product development, gearing up to start at a new school, domestic/mom duties, setting up a website for my home decor products and working an assignment at oDesk (more on that later), I finally found that time. I didn't mean to take so's kind of been having it's way with me lately.

First, I want to thank Duni at Lovely Purses for nominating me for this award. I highly recommend checking out her blog...she's awesome!

Passionate Blogger Award

Here's my list of blogs to nominate...check 'em out!

*Shawn at The Shark Tank - this blog is either seriously humorous or humorously can decide which, lol

*My friend at Shopping Kharma - this blog tells of the personal struggles and triumphs of a strong young woman

*Bonnie at Thrifty Momma Ramblings - this blog is always full of great advice to be resourceful by

*Dianne at WAHMs United - this blog is a great resource for WAHMs and is full of articles...I also love her eco-friendly WAHM blog!

That's it for now...I could think of many others that are worthy, but I can't seem to find the list I had...definitely check these out, they are great!


  1. Thanks A! I'm going to give you the "Post Whenever I Effing Feel Like It" award. ;)

  2. LOL...I'd have earned that one...that's for sure! Love the blog, Shawn!