May 21, 2009

oDesk update!

I've been meaning to update for about a week or so, but have been working, managing the domestics and preparing for school to start back up. For now, I'm in between the planning and beginning phases of product development, so I can take a breather on that for now. The home decor website will be worked on in what free time I'll have for it. Also, following an Avon meeting set for tonight, I'll most likely be an active Rep. again.

I was happy to see the comments on my last post, one was even from oDesk's CEO Gary Swart! I realized after I commented back that I forgot to thank him for manning the helm of such a great company. My friend Duni commented and asked if oDesk is just here in the U.S., which reminded me that I also completely forgot to mention that they span the globe...I've seen Buyers and Providers from all over, and translation seems to be very much in demand!

After I posted, I was informed that I had scored another job on oDesk, this time without even an interview! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. This position is an ongoing one, processing customer surveys for a travel company. I'm happy that both jobs are beneficial to my marketing degree, since sales copy and surveys are generally tools of the trade. In fact, both Buyers have upped my hours, and I'm now at approx. full-time, depending on the week's work.

Processing so many surveys can be time consuming and even tiring, but I'm a nomad at heart (a gypsy, if you will) and hearing first hand accounts of the experiences others have in so many places really brings out the wanderlust in me. I went to their website and located what would be a perfect trip for my best friend and I to take one day (hopefully soon)...eastern Europe! We couldn't leave just yet though, with her about to have a baby anytime and me being so busy, but for future reference...

I better get going and get this week's surveys finished up...I've got another batch coming and I better get an early start so I can get ready for that meeting this evening. Take care, all!


  1. Ambrosia! That is such good news!
    And thank you for letting me know. It's amazing the CEO of the company left a comment on your previous post. This company is getting better and better...

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  4. Elizabeth, I only removed the comment (s) because I could not find how to simply edit it.

    I have your info and will email you about U of Ph the first chance I get. They are still bugging me too, even though they sent my current school transcripts so I could withdraw and transfer.

    I will try to find you the link I had to hunt down (literally hunt down!) for the withdraw forms. I think I finally accessed it through my student services thing but it was REALLY hard to find!

    In the meantime, I wish you luck shaking free of that place!