Dec 31, 2009

I hope everyone has a fun New Year's Eve planned and wish you all a Wonderful New Year! Thank you for bearing with me this year through all the 'busy-busy bee' stuff. You guys totally rock!

So, have you figured a resolution or two yet?

Dec 28, 2009

Holiday Withdrawals?

Hey,'s the 'after-the-holiday' days treating you? The last few days were a whirlwind, but I got what I wanted...a whole day all to myself to recharge! We had our dinner on the 23rd and my boyfriend took the baby to his grandma's 2-3 hours oldest was with his dad.

It wasn't the two days I was hoping for because they came back a day early (they missed me or so I'm told), but that's ok. I was actually bored since I didn't have anyone needing changed or fed or entertained! I came across some sewing groups online that offered patterns of some cool threads I'm gonna try and spent some time on Myspace, which is where I go when I'm feeling intense...I have a lot of personal friends there.

I had to contend with this guy sending harassing emails because I don't find it interesting when guys come out of left field trying to solicit 'bottoms' (submissives). It's all a part of the Myspace culture, what can I say. He got blocked from ever contacting me again.

I have a full day today, calling my doctor to see about my shot and taking care of my books and thigns for school, which starts in a week...which also means I need to get some 'school clothes', LOL...I'm really hoping to be able to work in some work today to get a jump on this week...the week promises to stay a little hectic and keeping up could be elusive...wish me luck cause here I go!

Dec 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I had to pop in to say that...hope you all got what you wanted this year!

Dec 23, 2009

Doll Pics

I found my pics of the dolls my friend and I made a couple years ago. A lady in Huntington wanted to showcase them in the museum as local folk art. I made the clothes and painted the faces and my friend did the doll bodies and accessories. They turned out real well, but the goth bride and vampire were my favorites.

I'm thinking about asking her if she wanted to revive our old hobby and sell these things like her husband tried talking us into, LOL...Personally, I had fun making them (love the 'gothy' style of them!) and had many ideas for other dolls.

Smaller doll shot

smaller doll pic

smaller doll pic2

Dec 19, 2009

Innovative New Changes at oDesk!

WOW...oDesk is at it again! They are now offering benefits and employment status (rather than independent contracting) to Providers who work at least 30 hours a week. Who thought you could get a job solely online that offers health, 401k and education savings plan benefits?!

Your pay changes slightly as your taxes will be taken out (you'll receive a W-2 at tax time). You're also covered if you fall below 30 hours weekly (or work slows down or stops), by the unemployment and COBRA benefits, should you need them.

I don't think I'll try for this until I'm out of school because I don't know how my hours will flucuate while I'm in. However, it's a great deal for someone looking for real benefits while working from home. Here's the link to check out the FAQ for yourselves. If you've been thinking about oDesk, but haven't tried it's definitely worth your time to check them out!

Dec 18, 2009

Crafty Education

I finally got around to scheduling my classes when I realized my school moved up the date that school starts back...Jan 4 from Jan 25!!!! It doesn't give me much time to get my books and finish up with the 'shuffle', as we lovingly call it when you're sent office to office to get things done. I'll have to commandeer the car Monday and ask my friend to babysit for an hour or two so I can take care of that (luckily she lives near campus). It's sad cause I normally do these things with plenty of time to spare.

The good news is that it happens that all my courses can be done in the evening, saving me the need of a babysitter and giving me the day to work...that's priceless. I can work in any studying where I will need to. Unless I find night classes again, I won't need a sitter till Summer session (which I can -and should- take since I was out all Fall). Who knows, maybe I'll go in an hour early (or stay later)to take advantage of their fitness room and use the treadmill.

Also, I figured out what was wrong with my sewing dumb (sleepy) ass threaded the bobbin wrong or something because I got it working last night just fine. Unfortunately, all my hand sewing has left me unable to stitch straight, so I'm going to get back into practice with that and make a few things around the house before trying anything that would sell...

Dec 16, 2009

OK, the diet is going great so far, though the recommended timeframe for trying it before consulting with a doctor for the bloodtest is 3 weeks (it's been about a week for me). I feel much better, though I'm still pretty tired half the time, but again, the time frame allows the body to start absorbing nutrients again, so I assume I'm supposed to still be somewhat tired.

I'm having trouble with breads, though...I bought some gluten free stuff, along with a (very expensive) flour I can use to try baking my own. The kind I bought is only good for toast doesn't seem to go with anything else, so I'm hoping to find a recipe I can live with and bake mine from now on (preferably half cornmeal to save on the flour).

I'm having one of those days where nothing gets done if I don't cover it, so I'll be back next time with something new!

Dec 11, 2009

A Common Health Issue and a New Blog

No, I'm not referring to endemetriosis. I was watching a recording of Dr. Oz (of RealAge fame), which I recorded because they were highlighting some of my GI symptoms in mention of a dangerous disease. I watched, and realized I had every symptom of Celiac disease, right down to the crazy annoying rash I've sported on my hands for a year now.

Celiac disease is a genetic conditon that's often misdiagnosed as IBS because the symptoms are so similar and is due to a gluten allergy (for lack of a better word). It's actually very common, with an estimated 97% of sufferers thinking they have something else, like IBS. It's also potentially dangerous, so is worth checking into if you have these symptoms.

The only treatment is to go on a gluten free-diet, which sounds difficult, but isn't so much as long as you know what to watch for.

Thanks to the Dr Oz show, I've diangosed myself, which I know isn't recommeded, but considering I have been diagnosed with IBS that still persists, despite my best efforts, and have the rash and lethargy, etc...not to mention it's only a diet switch that can be done, I'm going to try the gluten-free diet and see if that helps.

Also, I've been planning a health/fitness blog for a while now, with a 'green' slant. I'm happy to say I've gone ahead with it and it can be found at Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. I've got one post up so far (with additional info on Celiac's) with more to come. I haven't had time yet to really 'do it up', but that's soon to come. I plan on posting regularly enough to keep the content fresh, as I'm back to here on Brosia's Blog.

I hope I've helped shed some light on this extremely common yet relatively unknown genetic disorder and, possibly, helped to save someone else with these uncomfortable symptoms from going as long as I have with them.

Dec 9, 2009

I need some help with...

...some research I'm doing. I am hoping those of you who read my blog and know something about meta tags can let me know what you think.

There has been some talk about whether or not meta tags are becoming obsolete. Have any of you ever heard anything like this and, if so, is it a theory you subscribe to? Why or why not?

This would really help with a portion of my research and, if I find enough info on it, it will go in my next article. I'll link to it when it's finished.

Till then, I've got to go...I'll be out all day taking my sister the two and 1/2 hours home and looking at some property about halfway through, coming back.

Thanks in advance for anything you can provide!

Dec 7, 2009

Workin for the Weekend

No, not the song (how many of you actually remember when Loverboy was IT?). This post is to describe how the weekend went at the Brosia Household, hehe.

Now, I work every weekend (I give myself Sundays or Mondays off, usually), but last week was different because one of my oDesk supervisors was out sick and I decided to apply for some 'quickie gigs' to make up the hours I've grown accustomed to.

I interviewed for 2 of the 4 I applied to, and wound up getting them both, the second with a strict deadline...and I like to do things in order (OCD). At first I was like "I can do this, if I time it out right...I can write anything!", but that was soon followed by "It's 4am and I'm I nuts?".

Luckily it all turned out OK because I just did them back-and-forth-like till they were done and finished them both before I said I would. Somehow, I managed it even with the kids being so loud and grumpy I could barely concentrate on anything. It's one of those moments that leave me feeling like the superwoman my boyfriend always says I am.

I just applied for another I could knock out today before starting on my current assignments tomorrow. what can I I'm a bit of a workaholic, two the holidays are coming (with a couple more gifts yet to buy)and three, I have two appointments Friday and will have to let myself off that day anyway.

I'm considering a post or series of posts about how to get started on oDesk. I've gotten a lot of requests from friends and family about the learning curve associated with getting started. I'll see how much I can remember from the initial sign-up; if it's not much, I'll probably start with what to expect after the sign-up part. If I can find out, I might post about how to get started hiring others through oDesk.

Dec 4, 2009

A Multi-Post!

This is one of those posts where I cover a few things in a short space. First, for those of you who sell online or would like to...what kind of articles would you most like to see written? I mean, what subjects do you feel need addressed? I have a list going, but it helps to know what others feel should be given a priority. So, if you got an idea or two, hit me with it!

You may have noticed, I've got the Brosiaburg Shopping Center back up and going, with some books and clothes (so far). La Clothier needs some new merch added and construction is still on-going, with a home goods shop next up in the planning. Check it out, if you feel the need, and let me know what you think...if I should add something, etc.

I want to get some fabric and start the first leg of this business, instead of waiting to be able to do the shampoos and body washes, etc. Problem is, I may need a new sewing machine first. This Necchi I got has a serger tool (one reason I bought it), but I tried it once and it's giving me issues with the tension - at least I think that's what it is. I'll try it again when I'm not as tired as I was the first go, but if that doesn't work, I'm either gonna sell it to someone who knows machines or send it back to the company for a refund and buy a cheaper one (which, somehow, never give me as much trouble).

There was something else...but I forgot what it was, so I'm gonna get some things done and if it comes back to me, I'll be back! If not, I'll be back soon anyway with a new post, hehe!

Dec 2, 2009

Blog Award!!!

My friend, Duni, at Lovely Purses has just spoiled me with an award! With sporadic postings and EC drops, I'm not sure I've earned it but I'm very appreciative and will continue to try and do better. Thank you Duni!!! If the rest of you haven't already done so, definitely check out her blog. It's a great read!

thank you,blogging award,thank you for blogging

Now, to pass this award to some new winners....

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Each blog (and author(s))is special in their own way and certainly worth a read! Enjoy!