Dec 16, 2009

OK, the diet is going great so far, though the recommended timeframe for trying it before consulting with a doctor for the bloodtest is 3 weeks (it's been about a week for me). I feel much better, though I'm still pretty tired half the time, but again, the time frame allows the body to start absorbing nutrients again, so I assume I'm supposed to still be somewhat tired.

I'm having trouble with breads, though...I bought some gluten free stuff, along with a (very expensive) flour I can use to try baking my own. The kind I bought is only good for toast doesn't seem to go with anything else, so I'm hoping to find a recipe I can live with and bake mine from now on (preferably half cornmeal to save on the flour).

I'm having one of those days where nothing gets done if I don't cover it, so I'll be back next time with something new!


  1. Hi!
    the gluten free bread really does only taste good when toasted (my mom says). I once baked her a bread - it comes out pretty dense. Then I added a mashed banana, and it tasted quite good!
    Wishing you luck with the new diet. Perserverance is everything :)

  2. Thanks for the tip...I love bananas! It is pretty dense stuff, but I'm hoping to be able to do rolls, pancakes, etc. pretty soon.

    Thanks again!