Dec 11, 2009

A Common Health Issue and a New Blog

No, I'm not referring to endemetriosis. I was watching a recording of Dr. Oz (of RealAge fame), which I recorded because they were highlighting some of my GI symptoms in mention of a dangerous disease. I watched, and realized I had every symptom of Celiac disease, right down to the crazy annoying rash I've sported on my hands for a year now.

Celiac disease is a genetic conditon that's often misdiagnosed as IBS because the symptoms are so similar and is due to a gluten allergy (for lack of a better word). It's actually very common, with an estimated 97% of sufferers thinking they have something else, like IBS. It's also potentially dangerous, so is worth checking into if you have these symptoms.

The only treatment is to go on a gluten free-diet, which sounds difficult, but isn't so much as long as you know what to watch for.

Thanks to the Dr Oz show, I've diangosed myself, which I know isn't recommeded, but considering I have been diagnosed with IBS that still persists, despite my best efforts, and have the rash and lethargy, etc...not to mention it's only a diet switch that can be done, I'm going to try the gluten-free diet and see if that helps.

Also, I've been planning a health/fitness blog for a while now, with a 'green' slant. I'm happy to say I've gone ahead with it and it can be found at Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. I've got one post up so far (with additional info on Celiac's) with more to come. I haven't had time yet to really 'do it up', but that's soon to come. I plan on posting regularly enough to keep the content fresh, as I'm back to here on Brosia's Blog.

I hope I've helped shed some light on this extremely common yet relatively unknown genetic disorder and, possibly, helped to save someone else with these uncomfortable symptoms from going as long as I have with them.


  1. It's true. So many people suffer from celiac desease. Luckily we have plenty of stores offering gluten-free, organic food.
    Yay on your new blog! How do you find the time to fit that into your busy schedule?!
    I hope to learn more on celiac desease to help my mom.

    have a great week,


  2. I'm sorry to hear your mom has celiac's! It's an adjustment, for sure, but luckily more options are available than there were even a few years ago.

    I spent about an hour on the blog in the early AM and typed up the first post. I haven't had time yet, though, to post another...catching up...