Dec 28, 2009

Holiday Withdrawals?

Hey,'s the 'after-the-holiday' days treating you? The last few days were a whirlwind, but I got what I wanted...a whole day all to myself to recharge! We had our dinner on the 23rd and my boyfriend took the baby to his grandma's 2-3 hours oldest was with his dad.

It wasn't the two days I was hoping for because they came back a day early (they missed me or so I'm told), but that's ok. I was actually bored since I didn't have anyone needing changed or fed or entertained! I came across some sewing groups online that offered patterns of some cool threads I'm gonna try and spent some time on Myspace, which is where I go when I'm feeling intense...I have a lot of personal friends there.

I had to contend with this guy sending harassing emails because I don't find it interesting when guys come out of left field trying to solicit 'bottoms' (submissives). It's all a part of the Myspace culture, what can I say. He got blocked from ever contacting me again.

I have a full day today, calling my doctor to see about my shot and taking care of my books and thigns for school, which starts in a week...which also means I need to get some 'school clothes', LOL...I'm really hoping to be able to work in some work today to get a jump on this week...the week promises to stay a little hectic and keeping up could be elusive...wish me luck cause here I go!

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