Sep 10, 2010

Summer's Coming to an End Already

Just when we get used to it, it wanes into fall...but that's OK, Fall is my favorite season, with Halloween being my favorite holiday. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!

When I get my math caught up (it's due Monday), I'll start planning for the baby's birthday and the Halloween party. Today's my sister's B-day (she's 34), so visiting her will be this evening's priority...math can wait till I return. I have been trying to get the apartment in order since I had the free time and it takes my days, so I still have the practice and graded problems left to do. I'm not particularly looking forward to approx. 100 algebra problems, but once they're done, I can focus on other things.

I'd like to do a full smudging while I'm straightening up closets and cleaning rooms, but it would set off the smoke alarm and I don't have anything tall enough to stand on (even at my 5'7) to shut it off long enough. I'll have to make do with burning oils and clearing really needs it.

I re-checked the Fixed-Price assignment I'm working on and am feeling much better about it. The writing is slow going, but we only committed to 10 articles a month, so I think I can get a rhythm going with it and be fine. I took a chance and applied for a social media marketing position...and got an interview! The terms look really good and I'm hoping I get it. It would be a good move for my marketing career.

The nights (and mornings) are getting cool pretty quickly but, despite this, Fall seems to be well on her way and bringing in some calm. Here's to cozy times and peace of mind!


  1. Autumn has come quickly here too. And with it the usual rain :(

    So glad things are picking up at your end. And congrats on the interview - when is it? Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

    I do regular space clearing by taking a big old cast iron pot. I add about a cup of epsom salt and rubbing alcohol. Then I burn that. It produces a 'green' flame. I make sure to do this in the middle of the room - not near any curtains or anything!!!

    Have fun at your sister's!

  2. Duni, thank you for the tip and the well-wishing. The interview went bust...the employer hired from outside oDesk but wanted to keep my contact info on file just in case....uh huh...

    It's just as leaves me time to work on the apartment and I have been thinking about going back to selling Avon for a while now, so all the social media marketing I do will be for myself!

    Hopefully, it's not too much rain...we usually get ours in October (not good if camping at the Ren Faire!).

    Take care and thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm so excited that it's Fall too, and I've already started decorating for Halloween!

    I need to do a smudging too, but my daughter freaks out when I do them cuz then her clothes smell. But, my house really needs it too.

    100 Algebra problems would depress me to no end!

    Have a great day.

  4. Hi niece and boyfriend are the same way...they don't like some of the oils I burn, so I just burn them when they aren't here, except for the lavender cause sometimes we just need the calming.

    I found my Native American rattle and am thinking of getting some sage, sweetgrass or cedar oil to burn in lieu of the smudges. Hopefully, that does the trick.

    As for the Algebra, it turned out I remembered it better than I thought...this trimester might be OK after all...I hope :)

    Thanks for stopping by!