Sep 29, 2010

This week starts my internet marketing class...5 chapters followed by 6 assignments...yeaahhhh, until my teacher posts an update for our 'outdated syllabus' that said we only needed to read the first 3 chapters. I wish I'd have read that announcement before reading the chapters...I wouldn't be a day behind now, LOL

In any case, I'm 2/3 into next week's reading and only have two assignments left in that class (both fairly detailed), followed by one long algebra session (this week, anyway). Hopefully, next week will be better...

I'm almost finished with the one article...just have to add the references, then we're discussing the possibility of me marketing a site or two part-time. After my two articles this week, I might have a speech and powerpoint to do, but we'll see later about that...

It's a lot, to be sure, but if I can use the next two days busting ass on it, I might have a bit of the weekend after all...*fingers crossed*

Hope all's well with you all out there in the blogosphere!


  1. It gives me a headache just reading about it all! lol Good luck with everything!

  2. Hi Ambrosia!

    just checking in to see how you're doing!
    Oh, and you've been tagged! Stop by my blog whenever you feel like it :)

  3. Hey ladies! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    I'll be by your sites shortly!