Jan 8, 2010

And The Year's Just Getting Started!

I went last week to get my first round of shots, then got sick with a sinus cold...go figure! But I'm now starting to get my head back on straight...I hope...

So far this year, I've tossed two "friends" to the curb and have made a few new ones, in addition to getting back in touch with a handful of old ones. My new 'crew' doesn't bog me down with the negativity the two afore-mentioned ones did. One dated an ex of mine, then blamed me for his shortcomings as a boyfriend (as if she didn't already know about them) and the other took full advantage of every offer to help her out when she needed it, then decided I work too much to hang out with anymore after she started spending more time with the other. Weird excuses and I even tried for months to give them chances to 'snap out of it', but they're both gone now! I don't need the hassle or their immaturity!

One girl I met at school is wanting to start a school club for working students with kids, since there are so many of us and we don't have anything like that yet. I'm hoping to help as much as my schedule will allow. Another old friend of mine just started with oDesk as a computer/software expert and is building his career as a freelancer. It's nice to be around proactive people that don't mind a bit of work to see something great happen! It's a real breath of fresh air.

My friend and I are planning to work on some dolls soon, but we don't know how far we'll take it yet (still much to discuss there, but the hobby's ON!). I'm wanting to start my business soon, but I want to be realistically sure of my schedule first, so I'm going to wait a couple weeks to see how school changes things.

So many changes, and the year's just getting started...I expect 2010 will prove to be one hell of a year. Here's to personal growth and making things happen!

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