Jan 12, 2010

Is it spring yet?

Last week's crap aside, I am sooo not feeling good! I've been fighting that sinus thing since before Thanksgiving...I think it's finally getting one up on me and is starting to kick my ass!

That's not all that's feeding my negative mood, unfortunately. It seems like I'm behind in everything - work, domestics and (if nothing changes) school is soon to follow. I've been slagging in order to accommodate this cold and have even stopped taking my relaxants to make sure that's not making it worse. My nerves have let me know they don't like that decision much!

The ole bi-polar switch decided to go full-tilt into depression just when I needed the manic side to kick in and help me get things done (yeah, it's actually very useful sometimes, LOL). Where do you go when you need a break but don't have the time to take one or the pride to ask for one?

Maybe a quick nap (as soon as the baby's down for his) will help the crankies enough to get something done. If anything, managing that will help edge me out of this slump I've found my way into. Hopefully, I won't need too many of them!

Here's to a full recharge to get us all through the rest of the winter!


  1. Hi Ambrosia,

    I'm really sorry to hear that you're not feeling well and it's affecting your work. What kind of shots did you get? I hope just the regular, not for swine flu--I heard of plenty of people who got really sick after that.
    Also, if you're like me, you're probably sun-deprived. January and February are my least favourite months. I suggest that every day you do something nice for yourself, like take a hot bath and add your fave bath oil or get your girlfriend to give you a homemade facial or take a break during the day to just look outside your window and listen to the birds.
    Sending you positive vibes!

    Feel better soon,


  2. Thank you!

    Nah, the shots are for the endometriosis treatment I'm undergoing.

    I was just telling my boyfriend yesterday that it's probably the 'cold weather-cabin fever' thing.

    Hope your day is going well!