Jan 23, 2010

Just checking in...

...cause it's been a while since I've posted.

Just when I thought it was coming together, I got sick. BLEH! Mostly a sinus thing (on-going since fall) but got worse and created a week-long migraine that still won't go away. I figure it'll keep me nauseous until it finally goes away.

A friend of mine jokes that I'm pregnant because it's typical for me to have a mental breakdown as the morning (i.e. all day) sickness eases in to take over for 4 months. All of which I've experienced recently., I don't think I'm pregnant. First, I don't 'feel' pregnant (which always happens) and, second, we ruled that out before we started my shots last month as standard procedure. I do think the shots are aggravating my system, though. They're sort of designed to flucuate's how they work. It's hitting all my bi-polar buttons, except the ever-useful mania.

Still fighting the depression and am hoping to have it in a submission hold soon (I figure it'll improve as my cold does). The real fun starts after this second shot I'm getting Monday, when menopausal symptoms are likely (temporarily, thank goodness, I'm only 29).

My schoolwork is caught up (though I missed some days), but I've put in very few hours of work, which bothers me. I took the week from the surveys off I'm glad I did, feeling so crappy. Funny that I can be physically injured and still function very well, but I turn into a big baby if I get a cold. I used to hang out with a girl who was the exact opposite.

I think I'm going back to my couch to try to feel head feels like it's in a vice...

Hope this week has been better for all of you!

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