Apr 16, 2010

Brosia Rant #1

OK, normally I save my full-blown rants for my myspace page, but I'm changing my M.O. for today. I'm generally pretty well-behaved but, damnit, everyone's entitled to the occasional bitch-fest!

I keep getting political emails from various friends bashing President Obama and it's starting to piss me off. Granted, I don't follow every single thing every single politician does - I have a life to live as well - but from what I've seen, he's done more in less than a year and a half than Bush did in 8. He inherited a HUGE problem and is dealing the best way he can with the pressure of the world on him. Everyone expects him to be some perfect superhero or something. NEWSFLASH: He's only human, it's just that he has a much more demanding job than most of us do. Personally, I respect the fact that he hit the ground running as soon as he took office and tried to get things done, just as he said he'd do. The guy didn't falter in that one little bit. (Bush, by comparison, went golfing and took vacations the first 8 months in)

I'll admit that not everything that's come about is perfect, but I don't expect them to be either. There are *seemingly* a bunch of unsavory things in the new healthcare bill to contend with. I say seemingly because I'm still trying to determine how much of it is Repub propaganda - courtesy of Fixed News...they seem to be out in full force spreading the hate, as always. I've personally seen their anchors twisting facts and spreading vicious lies to suit their (and their sponsors) agendas, insisting they're right even when facts are clearly and openly against them, so I feel justified in making that comment.

Now, before I start getting hateful comments, let me just clarify that I am an Independent. My Democrat leanings stem from the fact that I've seen more bullsh*t from the Repub side than the Dems. Bring me a politician from either side with something meaningful to offer this country (without bringing religion or party division into it-those are personal liberties and not to be put upon the rest of us) and I'll vote for them. Period!

All I'm saying is that people are wasting their time trying to punish Obama for the mistakes and atrocities of the previous administration (it's even been said Obama was responsible for the first of the corporate 'bail-outs', which occurred while Bush was still in office - seriously, give us the benefit of our own intelligence!). It will take more than one year to see the instantaneous results Americans so often demand (that's a rant for another time!). Give the guy a break...and the chance to improve this country!

This same right-wing-oriented "let's maintain the 'good ole boy' and to hell with progress because it hurts our profits" agenda is taking place in my own town. We have a new (female) mayor and the corrupt-ass city council is giving her hell too. The council is working on being voted out of office the same way the last two mayors were...good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say.

Honestly, though, we need to cut the crap (i.e. party lines, greed-mongering, etc.) and try to work together to make the changes necessary to getting things on track...and try to help keep them that way. I know you can't please everyone and that some simply can't be pleased at all, but to at least give it a shot shows that we can behave like the evolved beings we're supposed to be...and that's a start, is it not?


  1. Great post, Ambrosia!
    I have not been following US politics that closely, but it is similar to what happened here a couple of years ago when we had a democratic administration after a 'right-wing' admin for 16 years...unfortunately the democrats only held office for 4 years and now we have a joint administration of liberals and republicans and it's NOT WORKING.

    Big hugs,


    p.s. I suggest you delete those hateful emails without reading them and try not to absorb all that negative stuff :)
    I have to keep reminding myself too!

  2. Great rant! I agree totally. Ignore any hateful comments, if people can't discuss their view civilly and without hatred, they aren't worth reading.

    If you're interested the website does a good job of sifting through the health care lies and Republican propaganda. They are a nonpartisan organization dedicated to publishing the truth.

    Have a wonderful day!

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  4. Duni, I'm sorry to hear it's going on there also. I hope things improve.

    Raven, thanks for the website! I'll have to check that out when I get time off.

    Lydia, thank you, I try...and thanks for the heads up!