Apr 12, 2011

What a Week! (a.k.a. Is It Coming Together Yet?)

I'm checking in early! LOL But I figured since I had to create a blog for school last week (attached to my Blogger profile, if you're interested) and had to pop in weekly for that anyway, then I could surely pop in here also, even for a sec.

There's been some good and bad this week, but I'm hoping it's all coming together for the good. The bad is that I'm stressed from constant job-hunting and resume-sending, as well as a nasty incident at Dollar General that involved my cussing at the cashier for trying to assault me with the turnstile and the manager for claiming I couldn't file a complaint about it (she was "never given the paperwork for customer complaints" - my foot!). I pretty much never behave that way in public, but I was already stressed to the gills and the situation called for it.

All I asked was for the cashier to void one of my items...I only had about 8 to begin with and it wasn't my fault if her, nor her manager, was not properly trained on how to void an item and they had to void the entire purchase and re-scan everything. It certainly didn't call for her to try to take my arm off with the turnstile as I was picking up my bags to leave. I filed a complaint with DG Corporate's HR department and am waiting to hear back. Considering I could've called the police and pressed charges (or worse, try to hit her back), I think I behaved myself pretty well, in regards to how big a scene was caused.

But annnnyway...

The good is that I've started getting hit with interviews and have negotiated possible side-work helping a student with an interesting start-up in my free time. I don't know how I'm going to work it all into my schedule, especially if I get 40 hours/wk, but I'm going to have to work it out. There's one in particular that came about today that I'm especially excited about (albeit, it may involve the most work).

Another good thing is that a 3-br came available in my complex and we're next on the list! It should be ready sometime next week and it's not far from where my 1br was located (when I lived alone, aside from visits from my oldest, before I gained a houseful). I'm started to feel shuffled around but it's biggest issue is where will my desk and sewing table go, as the layout is tricky that way. Hmmmmmm

Unfortunately, the house we wanted may be out of our reach. It's still available but there are certain things that aren't so negotiable. I'm hoping that is something that will change and preferably before making the move next week. My fingers are still crossed.

In any event, I better go and finish up my homework for this week...who knows, I may have a job that needs started on the horizon!

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