Apr 22, 2011

Still Reeling From the Whirlwind (and loving it!)

This has been quite the busy week and I couldn't be happier!

For starters, we didn't have to move yet...the new apartment wasn't ready yet and won't be till sometime next week (painting, etc.). But the delay, along with some new developments, may put my original goal back in sight. My fingers are crossed in a major way!

I started a new contract on Tuesday as a Marketing Assistant for a lady whose business is very much in line with what I enjoy doing...working with start-ups and small businesses! I also started a contract with a young college student who is starting up his own business and needs some marketing help. Furthermore, I got another contract from a lady who was referred by my new client I started with Tuesday...I literally just got the confirmation on that and it starts Monday!

With so much going on, I'm glad I have only two more weeks of school and decided to take Summer Term off...all this work puts me close to full-time, which is great! Needless to say, I canceled all the interviews that had been initiated, then sat dormant after...I don't like interviews that are sitting open too long feels inefficient somehow.

Now I just need to see if that house is still available for rent and see if I can borrow from my dad what I need to get us in there quickly! I hate the idea of asking him for anything, much less money (and particularly that much!), but I should see a decent disbursement this fall and could pay him back in full. If everything gels, we'll be in a place with all the space we need and in the best location for us.

I hope everything works out...and that you all are doing well and seeing Spring's fruits blossom as well!


  1. I'm happy everything is going so well! Good luck with the move. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you! I hope you have a great weekend too...and start feeling better!!

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