Mar 29, 2009

Going Green and Staying Busy *long post*

I completely missed Earth Hour last night! I would have participated if I'd have been paying more attention. My recycling efforts show me that the largest majority of our trash is recyclable (big surprise there, huh? LOL). I'd like to add a vermi-composting bin in my kitchen, even as small as my apartment is.

I'm going to order more cloth diapers for the baby and have been looking into greener feminine hygiene products. Add the fact that organic and/or cloth versions are more comfortable, healthier (same with diapers) and it's a no-brainer. I found a large selection that would please even the least eco-savvy consumer...and came across some interesting facts along the way, some I already knew.

Your average commercial brand contains as many chemicals (such as the highly toxic carcinigen, Dioxin) as your average commercial brand diapers do and have been linked to things like heavier, more painful periods and even endemetriosis.

I froze after reading that one...I was diagnosed with endemetriosis at 18; it was the cause for the second surgery I had that year. Now I'm wondering if those products could've had a hand in my having developed it. Scary. Kind of makes you wonder what else is going on in the foods we eat, prodcts we use, etc...etc...

On another note, I've halted adding catagories to my Simply Ambrosia site for now. I'm having trouble getting my Entrecard widget up due to the layout and lack of options on my blog. I have a few up and thousands more products to add later, but I'm in the process of working on a permanent site for my shop. Without the EC widget, traffic would be extremely hard to come by...I simply have no time to market it at this time.

I'm also spending a lot of my time on getting together everything I need to start my all-natural product business. Most of the products are vegan certified and all are made with only natural ingredients. I'm very excited about this but it will take lots more planning. I'm working on my logo now and trademarking it when it's finished, the specific recipes for each line, labeling, packaging and my business model (which I won't go into at this time, but I promise, you guys will LOVE it!).

My goal is to find a company that will not only offer eco-conscious packaging to suit my needs, but also labeling that uses recycled paper/materials and earth-friendly inks. Another criteria is that the labels are made to "keep" in a bathroom environment and not bleed, rub off, etc. A lot of my products are for bath and body.

I want to make sure I do this thing right. It's been my dream to run this type of business since I was a young teenager in my kitchen making my own face masks, herb teas and performing tarot readings and healings for friends. I feel like I've become out of touch with that side of me in recent years and this shop is almost like my re-awakening. I'm loving it, having lots of fun.

It's easy to see why I've been so busy lately. My scorpio nature doesn't know how to do anything half-way and my one-track mind keeps me running like a woman posessed, LOL. I've jumped in head over feet and there's no stopping the train. Nothing to do but enjoy the ride!

I certainly hope all the rest of you are having as much fun with your endeavors!


  1. This post almost makes up for your extended absence, lol. Good luck on getting your store off the ground.

  2. LOL, I know, right? I think my friends think I've fallen off the face of the planet! I've been doing that a lot lately and, man, does it hurt!

    Thank you for the luck, I'll surely need it.

    BTW, LOVED the latest posts!

  3. So glad you're back, Ambrosia!
    You have some extremely ambitious projects going on, no wonder you didn't have time to update your blog :) I'm especially intrigued by your all-natural products; you're on the right track there! All-natural products, be it food, cosmetics, furniture make millions over here in Germany.
    The best of luck to you and keep us posted, okay?

    take care,