Apr 3, 2012

Time for a Positive Note

I know...I've been mainlining the blog tonight..but it's been so long since I've posted :)

I keep saying I'll add in pics of our new home and haven't but it's coming. I just need to get my "spring" pics taken and I'll have one from each season to show. The views out here are breathtaking and definitely know how to calm me down when I have a typical anger fit. Moving out here has already worked wonders on my stress...but it still has so much to do!

This year, I'm determined to start taking steps toward self-sufficiency. Please know I don't do much of anything halfway...I'm all or nothing! I'm talking re-activating the flowers the lady we bought the house from planted (which were destroyed this past fall in the torrential rains we experienced), planting some new ones, turning a big part of my backyard into a vegetable garden, composting my own soil and learning how to do things that will build it out into a mini-farm (we're only on an acre).

Among the things I wanna learn are keeping chickens for eggs and emergency food; keeping bees for honey, wax, etc. for salves, candles and maybe some home-brewed mead; possibly moving on to goats for milk, which is good for drinking and beauty products (maybe with honey); growing some herbs and distilling my own oils; canning and preserving to make better use of my harvest; building my own solar panels and wind turbines (we're on a very windy hill)...the whole nine yards!

I've wanted this since I was a teenager doing energy healings and tarot readings...nothing says hippy utopia like your own mini-commune. It's like heaven to me.

Somehow, I've got to manage to make the whole thing workable. School starts back next month, I have online work and am in the process of putting my youngest back in daycare to take on a job outside the home as well. Somehow, I have to get through 50-hour days, do the impossible and pull yet another rabbit out of my ass. But I'm determined as hell to do as much as possible.

I'll keep you posted on my progress and will try to get around to posting those pics too! Till next time...g'night (it's 2am and tomorrows another early day!).


  1. Hi Ambrosia,

    so you moved into a bigger place, I assume? Sounds like you're enjoying it. We have a small vegetable patch in our garden, where we grow peppers, tomatoes and courgette. Would love to have chickens, but our place is too small. Keeping bees is a science all its own - good luck with that if you ever try it!!
    wishing you a peaceful Easter holiday!

  2. Thank'll be a while before I'm ready for bees but it'd be cool to have fresh honey and be able to make candles for less than wholesale!

    We did move, onto about an acre, but I've only had time to do so much with the garden so's been hot too...some veggies still haven't been planted and with the heat, I worry I may not get to it soon enough.

    Hope your Easter was peaceful and happy!

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