Feb 6, 2011

Halfway to Spring, A New Pic and Finding a Good Doctor

I meant to post on Feb. 1 to ring in Imbolc with you...we're now, officially, halfway to Spring. I can't wait for the weather to warm up...

I added a more recent pic to my Blogger profile. The old one was almost 5 years old and this one was taken almost a year ago, not long after I added the blue streaks to my hair. I know I keep saying I'll add one with my (now, not so new) glasses, but they all turn out making me look really, really tired. I'll probably bring the original one back, if I can't get used to this's still my favorite.

I fell a little behind in my schoolwork this week. Normally, I turn things in early but I turned in the last thing that was due this week today (the due date). There's more on the list, but it's not due till Saturday. I need to get on this coming week's work to avoid getting swamped, which is possible as I'm waiting on the word to send out the email campaign for one client, am waiting on word about finalizing an interview with a hire, have this week's schoolwork and need to read my chapters for Advertising class (which starts the 14th). Add that I have an appointment tomorrow and an out-of-town gall bladder ultrasound on Friday, on top of the usual errands (driving everyone else around to work, school, daycare, etc) and it's looking pretty bad for even an hour's free time. My fingers are crossed....

If I can, I'll work in the time to paint the face on my friend's doll. I'm waiting on some kind of inspiration for it, so I can sketch an idea out to work with, but it hasn't come yet. Not sure if it's being too busy to think too much on it or that creativity has forsaken me. In all fairness to creativity, I have been feeling like a zombie the last couple years, so we'll call it exhaustion or burnout.

On a lighter note, the doctor I was referred to is taking my health seriously. I asked about pyroluria, as it was brought to my attention by a client who has a bi-polar relative. She thought that, as I have it too and share an interest in alternative therapies, I would be interested in knowing about it. My new doc has never heard of's not in the medical database (he even showed me!). When I mentioned it was more a diagnosis from a naturopathic practitioner, he was intrigued and said he'd contact OSU's genetics department to see if they're familiar with it and the urine test used to detect it and get back to me. When he heard about my sleep issues (particularly my strange symptoms upon waking, like racing heart), he set me up with an appointment to wear a heart monitor for 2 days and mentioned sleep studies. I had to wear a heart monitor for one day when I was pregnant with my youngest, only to find my heart was in perfect shape (it was my son's aortic stenosis that was showing up as palpitations in my sonograms), so we'll see how everything goes.

Now, how many doctors are likely to admit not being familiar with a possible illness and show a willingness to find out more? Not many where I come from. His honesty and taking me seriously really struck a chord with me. I need to remember to thank the doctor that referred me to him! The so-called medical professionals in my area won't even run tests in some cases to see if a particular illness is causing someone's symptoms...they're much quicker to write them off as hypochondriacs that are simply wasting their time. I believe finding a good doctor is like finding gold...I'm keeping Dr. H!

Evening is coming on...I think I better read some chapters if I can't focus on the assignments themselves! At least I can get that much done!


  1. Defintely hang on to that doctor! I agree with you wholeheartedly. What a gem he must be. I feel the same about the new female gynocologist that I was referred to by a friend. She actually listens :)
    I hope all turns out well with your ultra-sound, and I'm also intrigued to learn more about pyroluria.
    wishing you all the best, take care


    p.s I noticed your new profile pic straight away! I thought at first you had all dark hair and then I realised it is just the front part :)

  2. Sounds like you have found a great doctor. I see a lot of doctors,ugh. Each for a different issue. But it took years to finally find them all. I hope your doctor gets you feeling better soon. Bug Hugs! Katherine

  3. I wish I could find a good doc. I've been through so many looking for a decent one that my insurance company actually restriced my coverage for 'doctor shopping.' So, now I'm stuck with a crappy doctor who wants to treat every new sympton with a new pill instead of trying to find the underlyling disease that may be causing said symptoms.

    I know that zombie feeling well, and the being forsaken by creatity-oy vey, do I know that one!

    Wow girl, you are busy! Hang in there, and try to get as much rest as you can. Good luck with the ultrasound, I hope everything turns out ok.

  4. Thank you for your comments, Ladies! They are very much appreciated.

    Good doctors are very hard to find and I'm as happy for the good ones you've all found as I am sorry to hear about those that aren't.

    I definitely think they should be trained to incorporate "cause-oriented" care that includes homeopathic treatments (the ones that are proven and backed by science), rather than the "let's order a bunch of tests and prescribe these pills because the Pharma is paying us extra to" type of care.