Nov 20, 2008

Faire Memories....

Once upon a time, I worked for some Renaissance Festivals (or Faire's as we called them). The more hectic my life becomes and the more distance time puts between those days and today, the more I miss working there.

Out of the 3 years I did them, 2005 was by far the best season! A lot of my friends were working there that year and we rocked that place! We prepared by making the costumes we'd be wearing and working on our accents...setting up our campsites when we got there and meeting the people we never seen before, as well as happily greet old friends from previous seasons.

Every Thursday that year, we host a 'drum jam', during which we'd get out the bongo drums, light a bonfire and just hang out together. Us girls enjoyed breaking out the jangle-belts from our costume bags and bellydance around the fire. I even met a cousin I never knew I had at one of these jams.

I really miss how relaxing the enviroment there is and how much fun we'd have, whether we'd be working, hanging out at camp or doing something as a group. But I gotta say...we definitely had more fun AFTER work than during! In fact, at the Texas Faire (where they have a separate campsite for the patrons), we used to joke that the patron camp was so happening (their drum jams were wild!) because they liked to party the way they THOUGHT we did after work, lol. Usually, we wound up going to their jams once a week.

If you're into historical re-enacting, costumes and the like...check out a Ren Faire sometime. The one in southern Ohio is just about the only one in the country to feature an un-choreographed full-armor joust for your entertainment. You never know, you may just surprise yourself with how much fun you have!

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