Nov 30, 2008

The kids are growing up on me!

The other day, my brother asked me what size my 5 yr. old wore so he could buy his presents and it dawns on me....I wasn't exactly sure anymore. After looking through his clothes and finding pants and a shirt I knew fit him, I finally told him size 6. It didn't take long to realize that my infant is now needing a bigger size also, the transition from 0-3 to 3-6. He's not even 2 months old yet! Not bad for a child who only weighed 5'10 at birth.

It sounds like a cliche when you hear "they grow up fast...", but it's true enough to make a mommy wanna cry sometimes. Pretty soon, they'll get their license and drive off to college...but not too soon. In the meantime, there will be runny noses, picnics in the park and resolving fights between friends. It's part of the journey to miss each stage as it passes, and to look forward (in joy and fear, lol) to the stages ahead. Enjoy the ride.

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