Oct 27, 2009

What is going on these days?

This is sort of a repeat of my last myspace post, but I had to ask it again. This fall has been strange to say the least. It seems like things are running in patterns and affecting lots of people at once.

September seemed on a fairly even keel, but October has everyone going nuts! People are in weird moods and not acting like themselves, people are becoming depressed (which isn't weird in itself except that it's almost an 'in unison' thing). A lot of people are feeling restless and acting out.

Is it just me or has the whole world gone crazy this time?


  1. Yes, the whole world has gone crazy and I'm their leader. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  2. That's the thing...I'm not afraid, I'm cool with crazy. What worries me is that it's become so widespread...the Average Everyday Joe can't handle high levels of crazy.

    What will the ramifications be and will it put folks like us in the majority? I kinda like being in the minority...