Oct 27, 2009

Time Management?

One of my struggles as a WAHM is juggling the domestics with work, others not understanding the difference between stay-at-home and work-at-home, and the Man of the House not understanding why the Woman isn't finished by 5pm with dinner ready. Sound familiar to any of you? Hopefully the following can help...

I knew the ticket was time management, but what I didn't know was how to work it in and make it fit. Lately, however, my search for this elusive little magic button has struck pay dirt!

It seems as though the old adage 'slow and steady wins the race' is more valuable than I could have guessed. When I realized my health (physical and mental) was taking a major hit, I decided to slow down...after all, my assignments are flexible and the killer pace was my own doing.

So, I re-evaluated how I work, handle domestics and made only small changes, the most important being to remind myself that I didn't have to run straight through like a bulldozer with an all-or-nothing attitude, only to get pissed at the slightest interruption. I now work sporadically through the day, in between the domestics, and set goals of how much I'd like to see done that day (not being so hard on myself if the goal falls a bit short).

It sounds strange, but you know what? I'm actually more productive than I was before and have been finding time to relax, read, plan some art projects (sewing, painting, etc.), keep up with my email, social sites and blogs, call old friends. I've even managed to have most of this past weekend off and hope to do so this weekend too (with Halloween and my b-day being involved, I think I owe it to myself to). It'll take some time to master, but taking advantage of the flexiblity of my work schedule and taking it easier on myself has already started paying dividends.

Now the question much will I need to re-adjust when school starts back?


  1. Good for you for finding some semblance of balance. And have a very happy birthday!

    From my past experiences with school, everything will go to pot once classes start. I wish you luck with it!

  2. Thanks! That's what I'm thinking will happen too...I'll need to find a new balance once school starts, for sure.

    B-day was good...went out the day after for dinner and a movie...saw Zombieland, hehe!

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