Nov 12, 2009

General Maintenence

You may have noticed the changes, or not. I removed nearly all of the ads, so I can be choosier about them later (IF I add more at all). I kept the content, minus the Followers widget, which I really wanted to keep but it wasn't showing up at all. I'll check it occasionally and if it starts showing up again, I'll add it back!

I want the focus of my blog to be about the content and not feature a slew of ads. It's my goal to be more active (as time allows) in providing better posts than rants about how busy I've been these last few months. I assume you're all as tired of it as I am by now.

I decided it was time to perform some maintenence on myself also. My biopsy came back fine, but now they want to see what else could be causing my symptoms, so I'm going back for an ultrasound Thanksgiving week. From there, it's possible more tests or even surgery will be in order...bleh!

I'm convinced that the chronic abdominal pain and lethargy is from not properly taking care of myself (only 1-2 small 'convenience food' meals and 10+ hours on the computer daily, lack of exercise, yada yada). Even now, I'm lucky to work in 5-min. stretch/cardio combos once or twice a week, which sometimes wears me out. Sad when you consider all the dancing, walking and 2-hour workouts from my past!

To make a change in the right direction, I started a 7-day detox system to clean out the toxins I'm sure have gotten stuck in my system over the last year...I'm on Day 3 and I'm already noticing the change in my moods, energy level, pain and mental focus! I chose one with dandelion in it to help my liver do it's thing. I've also decreased my caffine intake in favor of more tea/juice and switched to organic convenience foods (yes, I read the labels beforehand) till I find the time for a thorough meal plan.

Working in more exercise is slower going but on the horizon (cut me some slack-I hit a 20 minute stint last week!). A great side effect is that my boyfriend says he'll try it if it works for me (minus the diet change and exercise, though). I'm hoping to ease him into the meal plan I create or sneak in healthier foods and get him at least stretching.

Who knows, maybe now I'll find the energy to use my new sewing machine and revamp that closet full of 'skinny' clothes into a new wardrobe I can fit into!...or maybe some cloth toys and throw pillows?


  1. Good for you for doing the detox thing. I so need to do that too. One of these days.

  2. That's what I kept saying, too, LOL...hope you get to do it soon!