Nov 20, 2009

The Doctor Dash

That's what it feels like anyway...going to so many appointments. Just this week, I had one office call to tell me that, despite my biopsy coming back OK, that I'm still high-risk for cancer and they'll need to keep monitoring me, took my youngest for his H1N1 shot and I got a new prescription at today's appointment. To top it off, I have my ultrasound Monday to help determine if I'll need surgery and in three weeks, I go back so they can tell how my new meds are treating me.

Whew! Man, I'm tellin' ya! The good news is that this medication should help in managing my bi-polar and (social) anxiety disorders. It's been 13 years since I've taken anything for them, much less seen a doctor, so fingers crossed. I've been way too stressed (and moody) for a while now and it's wrecking total havoc...something's gotta give here and one way or another, it's gotta be me, LOL

If it really does help me cope better with the day to day and stay healthy...maybe the doctor dash isn't such a bad dance after all. I'll tell you's becoming great motivation to get back into shape and eat better!


  1. I just started something for my anxiety too. It's finally starting to help some, I think. It's hard to tell.

    I can relate to the doctor dash. I have to run to 3 therapy appointments a week for my and the girls, not to mention seeing 2 psychiatrists and the pediatrician cuz the kids have been sick nonstop. Now the youngest might have pink eye again. It's exhausting!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. It is pretty exhausting, for sure...but necessary, I guess LOL

    Hope the meds are treating you well...and that your daughter doesn't have pink eye!

    Here's to a great week!

  3. Doctor dash...tell me about it. I have spent more time at doctor's offices this year than probably in the last ten years!!!

    Sending you lots of positive vibrations, my friend.

  4. Right back at you! I really think it's been one of those years for just about everyone.