Nov 18, 2009

Resources and Help for Ecom-preneurs

It's not typical for me to bring up any specifics of my work. However, I'm making an exception this time because this website is such a great resource for budding and seasoned 'ecom-preneurs' alike. I had to pass it on to those of you who either are selling online, or would like to be.

Basics of Ecommerce has a lot of useful information on how to get started and draw customers to your site, all the way up to how to retain those valuable customers you've earned. There are interactive features, also, as your opinion is always treated as something important and welcome. The site is still building and fleshing out...and is quickly becoming one of the best resource sites for ecommerce enterprise.

Once there, you'll meet Steve, the man whose experience and vision is bringing it all to you. I'll be there too, as his assistant and also as a fellow entrepreneur. As a community, we'll learn and offer support as we grow our businesses to their peak potential!


  1. Hello Ambrosia!

    it's been too long since I stopped by (sorry).
    I have bookmarked the site you mention, because having my own online selling site is still on my agenda, although I'll probably only be able to implement that next year.
    You know I always learn so much through your posts. I'm very grateful for that.

    It seems we have many similarities...trying to gain weight, lumps in the throat...

    I had it examined and it's a kind of cyst, that they say should be removed at some point. I will have to think long and hard about this!

    Meanwhile I hope all is well at your end.

    take care, my friend


  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy my posts and that you've bookmarked the site. Even if the actual site launch is next year, it helps to get as much info as you can in the meantime. My own site plans are looking more like next year.

    I'm sorry to hear about the cyst...those are no fun, no matter where they happen. I hope everything goes well!