Feb 27, 2009

$10 off diapers!

It recently dawned on me that I could order my son's diapers online, thanks to an ad in BabyTalk (or was it American Baby?), I went to to check them out.

I'm glad I did because I found some really good deals on pretty much everything I was looking for. The only exception was some diaper rash ointment that I found at Kroger's for a buck or so less.

The site also runs an ongoing special where you can get $10 off any order that's at least $49, but only with your first order. Every order over $49 gets FREE shipping, and it's easy to hit this number with all the items you can buy in bulk.

So, if you or anyone you know is in need of baby/maternity stuff, check out and enter code 4yourbaby to get the $10 off your first order!


  1. Hey there Brosia. You should also check out Some of their articles will let you know where to go to score some freebies.

  2. I signed up there during my last pregnancy. I'm still getting emails, lol. Thanks for the tip though!