Feb 15, 2009

My Kinda Valentine's Day

At first, I'd debated on even celebrating it (budget's tight right now, car broke down, etc.), but then I went ahead and bought my boyfriend a gift. He came in and gave me my gifts, very romantic.

Then, my mom got the boys for the night and, instead of going out, we stayed in (my idea), ordered Chinese and I ordered an old Vincent Price movie OnDemand. The original House on Haunted Hill...I highly recommend this and I didn't particularly like the new one at all.

Vincent Price doesn't sound romantic to most people...but I'm not like most people. Besides, it wasn't about the movie being romantic anyway. It was that we finally had a night to ourselves to kick back and cuddle up on the couch. That's a wonderful and rare treat for any couple that stay incredibly busy any other time. The movie was a treat for me from myself because I like old movies, horror movies, etc.

It was a nice, relaxing evening and I hope everyone else had the same!


  1. Ambrosia, sounds like you had a very nice evening, just the two of you. You're right about setting aside some time to be together and (re)connecting.
    Thank you also for your encouraging words on my blog. I appreciate your intelligent comments very much.

    have a nice weekend,


  2. Thank you, hun...that's sweet of you. I hope your weekend was great also!