Feb 7, 2009

Weekend Off!

Just cause I said so! I've been running myself ragged for nearly a year now and I'm so due for a break! School's back in session come Monday, so until then, I'm only gonna do what I want to. After that, I'll decide if I can throw in more businesses (writing, homemade herbal products and consulting for adult issues).

I've sold my first article to Associated Content, but if you know their terms, you'll know it wasn't for much more than some exposure. Still, it was my first, so I'm still proud to have crossed that threshold.

I came across another site that lets the writer set their own price, Constant Content, and I put my next one up there. I'll know in a couple days if it needs edited or not...hopefully not, I reworked it a couple of times. It's nice that I could set my own price to it, instead of taking a few bucks for it, because it's over 1660 words.

I'm giving myself some time off, though, before I start writing my new articles (I have two still to get published anyway) or launching my new marketing campaign or working out the business plans for the next three.

Let's hear it for quality time with the family, another Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake installment and a couple home spa nights. WooHoo!!

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  1. Good luck with your Constant Content article. I've written some stuff for them with mixed results. Sold one article for $45, which was nice, but also spent 3 hours writing a specific article to public request that didn't get picked up at all. My advice is to write your own stuff and/or write public requests that need more than one article or are requesting subjects that can be used elsewhere if they don't buy them.