Feb 27, 2009

Got Plastic Bags?

WOW! I just read on Eco-Friendly WAHM's blog about a really cool project you can make with your stack of plastic bags to eliminate waste. Cool beans!

My family, including myself, will sometimes forget to use the reusable shopping bags I got (which, btw, holds more and holds up better than plastic bags, I must say!). I've been wondering what to do with those things for a minute.

If you're in that same boat, you should definitely check out this post!


  1. Hi Ambrosia!
    over here plastic bags are frowned upon. In fact, you don't get any at the check must buy them if you really need one. So most people bring their own reusable bag. Sometimes I forget mine and I end up carrying everything stacked up under my chin!

  2. I've done that myself, lol. I wish they were more frowned upon on this side of the, they're even encouraged to a degree.

    Here's to companies that create more eco-friendly packaging and help encourage reusable bags!

  3. Thanks for the info, I'll have to check it out. I usually use my plastic grocery bags as liners for my small garbage cans, but still we have a lot of them left. I keep forgetting to take my reusable bags to the store!

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