Aug 6, 2009

Final grades are in!

I was looking up my final grades for this session A in Business - awesome! Then I took a look at my Computer Info course grade...a C...let me repeat that...a C!!!

I have been either on the Honor Roll or Dean's List all my life, which I'm very proud of! I don't want to sound like a 'grade snob'...I can handle a C if I had earned a C, but I had actually earned an A and my professor chose to ignore some of my assignments and left them ungraded. Yes, this is the professor I had looked into filing a complaint on because he denied me access to our quizzes. I was finally able to take them, but he didn't include the grades for those and three other assignments, which knocked my grade to a C.

I sent an email to the person I spoke to before about filing a complaint...I'm gonna nip this thing in the bud...pronto! This guy does not need to be a professor and hold another person's future in his (inept) hands!

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