Aug 6, 2009

Life just goes and goes and....

Every time I check in to post a blog/read your amazes me how long it's been in between. I did finally drop some E last week and will try to pop in with those at least weekly. One day runs into another and the 'to-do' list does too, unfortunately. The pace is more relaxed but there's still so much to do and keep track of.

I took a mini-vaca last weekend to visit my boyfriends grandma and we brought his son back with us for a few days. He would have stayed longer but he had to finish his paperwork to start college this fall and was missing his girlfriend. He and his little brother (my 10 month old) bonded, which was great to see, especially considering the 17-year age difference.

We finally traded in that car of mine for a newer one, so that's been taken care of (did I mention finally?). Also, I postponed my plans for a fall launch in favor of a longer research and testing/development period. I'm aiming for spring, but we'll see how it goes. I wanted the extra time so I didn't have to rush the process...I will not sell an inferior product!

Thanks for those of you who participated in the pre-market survey! It's still on-going for those who haven't and can be found right here!

Gotta get going for now and log some more oDesk hours! Hope the day is going great for all of you!

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