Aug 17, 2009

My first attempt at Middle Eastern food

I've had a hankering to try some of this (or anything eastern european, mediterranean or middle eastern) for a few days and gave it a go last night. I finally found some leg of lamb at the store, and got a couple other things to use with that couscous I bought to try and hadn't messed with. Thanks to my dad, I had the spices on hand (he gave me his stash when he moved in with my grandpa). This turned out so good, my boyfriend called the neighbors over to try it! Measurements with me are usually by ear, so these are's the list:

2 lb. lamb, cubed
1 red pepper, 1/2 eggplant, 1/2 cucumber, cut into 3-inch strips
1/4 c. green onion, chopped
3 tbsp. mint flakes
2 tbsp. each rosemary and basil
chile powder, garlic powder and pepper, to taste (or scent)
2 1/2 c. water with 1 t. olive oil
10 oz. box couscous

Get the lamb going under some heat in a large, deep skillet. Yes, this is a one pan dish! Once it's most of the way cooked, add the vegetables and spices. Let cook for a few, stirring a couple times...then turn down heat a bit and simmer as long as you feel necessary.

If you think it's ready for it, add the water/oil mixture, followed by the couscous. You'll wanna stir constantly to keep it from sticking, but it's done once the couscous is.

Again, all measurements are approximate, and we found that once the couscous was added, it took away some of the spice (or toned it down, if you wanna look at it that way). The flavor is good as it is, but if you like a little extra kick like we do, add a bit more spice to it.

This makes about 4-6 good-size helpings, depending on how much you boyfriend and I made two meals out of it on top of giving about 2 servings to our neighbors. Once we find some more lamb at the store at a reasonable price, we'll try this again. I honestly don't think it would work as well without the lamb and mint, but who knows...I've been wrong before.

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