Dec 4, 2008

Not a Bad Day...

I didn't get much work done online today, but other things got done which is more than I can say on most days, lol. Test-drove a car I liked and will be seeing soon if I can trade my Honda for it. It'll be sad to see the Honda go, we've had some good times and she has taken me many places. I gotta say though, it'll be nice to be in something a bit more reliable, especially now with infant in tow.

As we left the dealership earlier, we also saw a Lexus for the same price as the Chevy we were thinking on. A Lexus!!...At that price!?!? WOW! I'd love to see about it, but in my area it could get broken into easier than a Chevy could. Besides, being so cheap, I'd worry about what was wrong with it. Who knows, I may call about it anyway, just to see.


  1. hey what i can say never take things bad, jus look at good things then u'll start noticing all good things even at bad times. u r trading honda but in return ur getting something better than that but the memories what honda have give that cant be replaced, but start again with the new car, then i guess u would like this and u'll forget honda.

  2. I also live in a town where auto theft is a lucrative business. We drive a Toyota, and no one has stolen it or taken the parts yet. Perhaps no one wants to take it because it's so filled with toys, dirty socks (my girl loves to take them off in the car), and crumbs. Maybe I'm on to something here--a frugal way of preventing car theft without purchasing a car alarm! :)
    Anyway, I think you have a great blog. I'll definitely come back to it over and over again!