Dec 2, 2008

Traffic For Your Blog!

It took a little bit of time and some doing, but I'm pretty sure I have things set up for now. I found lots of resources for generating traffic to your site! I've signed up my blog for a couple and am looking into trying a few more. I plan to add the website for my gift business when it comes available and maybe my Avon website as soon as I know the legalities on that (I don't own Avon, obviously, but I do own the other one). I'm thinking about adding my Squidoo lenses too...this thing keeps going on and on here, lol!

In any case, my point is that if you plan on blogging for money (through PayPerPost, SocialSpark, joining affiliate programs, etc.), it would help to have some background in generating as much traffic as possible. This helps especially with affiliate programs, because whether or not you make anything in commissions depends on how many hits (sales, clicks, etc...depending on program) you can get. Let's face's a numbers game, like with many other businesses. More visitors to your site, blog or forum can mean more sales/clicks to earn commissions from! In the case of an ad blog, more traffic can help improve your chances of getting higher paying offers.

What I've found is that these sites offering free traffic do so only if you can spend the time surfing the other sites in the community...this earns you free advert credits and the more you have, the better! Some of these sites offer a top spot on their lists for a fee if you can't surf for credits. I also came across a possible way to hit more traffic generators, consolidate them and make them run on autopilot. I haven't tried this yet, but if I do and it works, I'll let you know!

Some of you may be old pros at this, wondering why I get so excited when I find something new to try. That's because I am new to this whole thing and I have searched high and low in a short amount of time to ensure I do it right and make it worth my while. Why should someone waste their time on something like this idlely?

I have links posted for linkreferral (a free traffic generator that has already given me traffic) and submitexpress (where you can add your site to over 40 search engines for free!) on the right sidebar of this blog. Also, try TrafficSwarm...I made them my homepage so I can allow easy access to my login and also surf a few sites whenever I sit at the computer to get things done for the day...a good way to quickly earn some credits to use later.

Happy Posting!

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