Dec 18, 2009

Crafty Education

I finally got around to scheduling my classes when I realized my school moved up the date that school starts back...Jan 4 from Jan 25!!!! It doesn't give me much time to get my books and finish up with the 'shuffle', as we lovingly call it when you're sent office to office to get things done. I'll have to commandeer the car Monday and ask my friend to babysit for an hour or two so I can take care of that (luckily she lives near campus). It's sad cause I normally do these things with plenty of time to spare.

The good news is that it happens that all my courses can be done in the evening, saving me the need of a babysitter and giving me the day to work...that's priceless. I can work in any studying where I will need to. Unless I find night classes again, I won't need a sitter till Summer session (which I can -and should- take since I was out all Fall). Who knows, maybe I'll go in an hour early (or stay later)to take advantage of their fitness room and use the treadmill.

Also, I figured out what was wrong with my sewing dumb (sleepy) ass threaded the bobbin wrong or something because I got it working last night just fine. Unfortunately, all my hand sewing has left me unable to stitch straight, so I'm going to get back into practice with that and make a few things around the house before trying anything that would sell...


  1. Hope you get everything arranged to your satisfaction!
    As for sewing mishaps - don't you just hate it when you are sewing a long seam and at the end of it realize the bobbin was empty halfway...

  2. That sucks that you have so little time to prepare. I hope you're able to get everything planned. out! I'm sure you will, you are very resourceful. :-)

  3. Duni, I do hate that...not fun! LOL

    Raven, I sure do hope I'm resourceful enough to make it work!

    Thank you both for the kind comments!