Jan 16, 2009

Call me a proud mama!

I had to post this! My baby, who's been cooing and babbling in sentences for some time, has said his first actual words! Yesterday, he was cooing at me and it sounded like he said "I good" (don't all babies coo this?...sure). I asked him if that's what he said, and he repeated it back and laughed. A few minutes later, he called me mama (it's sounded like he's said this before, but not as clear). Then today, we were 'talking' back and forth like we always do; I looked up and said something to his daddy about 'booger-butt'...and he repeated that too, laughing!

I'm absolutely amazed at it because he's not even 4 months old yet; we knew he'd start talking early, but this early?!? I am so proud of him and all he's accomplished in the last 3 1/2 months.

What about his big brother, you ask? I'm incredibly proud of him also! He didn't talk as early...he had problems with his teeth that required surgery and they say that'll postpone talking in many cases. My (almost) 6 year old is so creative...I call him my little artist and encourage him at every turn. His father can draw anything and make it look good...he totally gets it from him. He loves drawing and making collages out of his work. He gets better and better every year and always comes up with cool names for what he draws.

I love everything my little artist and my little communicator come up with. No doubt about it...I'm one proud mama!


  1. That's really great. Your son is talking very early. My son is about ten months old and is starting his words. He's been talking for a long time, but he is learning from his sister who is two so his words aren't very distinguishable, but our daughter understands what he needs. She says poo poo mamma or takes him a drink. They are very close.

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  2. Thank you for getting back to me on that! I'll go check it out now, before I sign off for bed. I think it's great that Quaker is doing this and I'll help in any way I'm able!

  3. You have wonderkids. God is Great. May God give them name and fame.

  4. Thank you very much! To me, they very much are!

    I like your's informative and easily navigated. I always love learning more about Nature and all she offers.