Jan 3, 2009

Where Else Can You Choose Your Own Sale?!?

Coming up with new developments in any of my businesses is typical for me. I like to save money and I know I'm not alone there by any means and so I try to use my experience as a consumer to help me as a business owner.

This is why I come up with the Choose Your Own Sale deal with my Avon business, and more recently with Simply Ambrosia-Unique Gifts and Decor. The customers now have the power to decide that they want to save money on their favorite products when they need them rather than waiting for it to go on sale! It also encourages a more personal shopping experience and productive rapport between customer and shopkeeper...something we don't see much in our modern, corporate world.

All one has to do is contact me with information on their favorite products and I'll make it available at the best possible prices I can offer them at! Oftentimes, this means I can take a current sale and beef it up to the customers benefit. In the case of Avon, I also offer an e-Newsletter (sent every other week, I do not spam)with news, specials and previews of future campaigns.

Please note that the giftshop's website is's main purpose is to give an example of the products I have available and the prices are adjustable here as well. My supplier offers an online catalog of full inventory, which I can make available by request. I hope to have my own website up and running soon enough.

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