Jan 14, 2009

It's here!

I'm loving this computer for the most part...much faster! Certain things are odd, like the time always reads PM...strange. I still need to put my office software on it, so I can work on my presentation for Business Comm., the notes for which are due Friday.

It's been a good week for efficency with a dash of relaxation...or is that the other way around, lol. I have a slew of lists, that somehow are in order. These things will keep me busy for a while. I'm thinking about putting out an online ad for the Outreach program I'm wanting to head for the children's ward at my local hospital. I have some new products in my line and some fresh ideas for work the first quarter.

I haven't been working out except maybe twice, and it could be hurting me. I had some issues with my legs swelling and going numb; I almost went to the hospital. Once my legs were pretty well back to normal, I did some stretches and lifts with my ankle weights to get things moving. It's been off and on a bit since I was pregnant with my little guy. If they swell like that again, I will go get checked out (that's a stretch for me!).

From what I was reading and when I talked to a nurse, my symptoms run the gamut from bursitis (in my knee) to PPH to mini-strokes brought on by poor circulation to some lumbar stenosis thing (makes sense, I already have scoliosis)...none of these things are good though. Then again, it could be as simple as sitting around working too much. I feel fine now, but I'm keeping an eye for anything odd and have been moving around more to be sure. I'm used to being very healthy (though tired) and I don't intend to change that any time soon (except the tired part, hehe).

I think it is bedtime now, lol...I've been up all day and half the night already and there's much to do rest for the wicked, eh?


  1. I have scoliosis too. It's in my upper back, but I find yoga has helped me maintain a good posture. I also sleep with a special pillow that supports the neck area. I hope you don't have any more swelling...

  2. Thank you, hun. So far, so good but my fingers are still crossed. With our sewing and everything, I'd say we have a lot in common, LOL.