Jan 12, 2009

The Weekend's Over

I didn't post over the weekend because I was busy with my sons and used my extra time putting together a working schedule, to allow for more writing, study and domestic duties.

I decided that since one of my goals was to create 3 more blogs on , I made lists of content to add to each that are good for at least the first two weeks. I also created a list of writing gigs I wanted to query. I set up my Sundays for researching the coming week's list of content.

It's a work in progress, as is everything, LOL. I feel a lot calmer overall and more in control of how my time is managed.

Another development is that I finally found the computer I wanted (to replace this old relic I'm currently using) and it's due to arrive Wednesday. I'm so excited! It's what I was holding out for and a little bit more. Best of all, I found it at a GREAT price.

I'm frugal to begin with and after paying a bill my boyfriend owed (I didn't mind, he's been paying for everything until I got back into the swing of things after having the baby), it left me with around $175 to either upgrade or replace this ole PC.

I shopped around relentlessly looking both for parts or a new computer, minus the monitor or any extras like that. My focus was mostly a faster processor (at least 2.8GHz), 1GB RAM, a new motherboard to hold it (this one's maxed out) and possibly even a hard drive (20GB acceptable, pref. 40). Amazon, TigerDirect, Dell and a few lesser known discount computer sites got to know my IP very well, LOL.

I kept seeing a Dell Optiplex GX270 popping up everywhere for anywhere between $115-300+, depending on specs and extras. I actually found it cheaper and was going to get a keyboard/mouse set AND a cool phone (we need a new one of those too, lol) for $150, shipping and all....till I realized FactoryDirect ONLY deliver in Canada.

Wanna know what I wound up ordering? The Optiplex (you knew that, right?). It has a 40GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, 2.8GHz P4 processor, DVD-Rom/CD-RW drive, floppy, XP (my preference), software installed, keyboard/mouse set, a few little other things I know I'm probably forgetting and a 1-yr parts/labor warranty. All for $170, shipping and all, from TigerDirect.

Not bad at all for the limited budget and the happiness it'll bring me for the productivity boost! I'm not joking when I say this one's so slow. It has a 16GB hard drive, less than 512MB RAM (probably WAY less) and one of the slowest processors known to humankind, lol. I don't know the details in was built for me when I had no other options, so I wasn't gonna bitch! I'd say, though, that it's prob 1.6 or so in processing.

Whew! Sorry for the rant...I'm really that excited about it.

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