Jan 8, 2009

A Resolution Under Way!

Ah, finally...I managed to work in time to start in on one of my resolutions for this year - getting back into shape! I've always been really thin (too thin) and even after having my first son, I eventually whittled back down to 105lb...not what you wanna see on the scales when you're 5'7-ish. I fought against it and lost when I'd started smoking again. People used to tell me I was lucky to have the high metabolism, but I found it more of a problem than anything because I thought being skinny made me look like I was sick.

Even now, I'm at 135lb., which is what I like to read, but it's an out-of-shape 135lb. In my skinnier days, I was still in great shape and a whole lot stronger than I looked...I ate like a horse, walked as much as 10 miles some days, went hiking, lifted weights, did yoga, danced, etc. I'm hoping to get back to that kind of shape without losing any of the weight I kept after having my younger son. It should be easier since I quit smoking again a couple years ago (never to return!) and have been able to maintain my weight after that, for the most part...pushing 30 means my metabolism is finally slowing down a bit.

Enter my plan. I wanted to start by stretching everyday, and work back into some upper body weight-lifting and exercises for my lower body. Research has shown that abs can work themselves when a person puts focus on their upper body. Experience tells me this is correct and I won't work in too many core workouts to avoid further pudging out of what's already there. I did buy some ankle weights and a core training ball to help with balance.

I don't always have time to work health and fitness into my schedule, but I figure if I can start small, it'll be easier to work up from there as I'm able. If I can put in at least half an hour each day for some kind of exercise and make at least one meal more nutritious, then I'm doing something good! I'm thinking about omitting one cup of coffee (going from around 3 to 2 daily) and adding one cup of juice or milk in it's stead. I did it yesterday and I wanna keep up with it as much as each day's schedule allows.

This is a longer blog than I meant it to be, so I'll cut it off here. I'll add any new developments, assuming they occur, lol. If any of you have any tips or comments, please send them this way. Maybe we can all help each other stay on track with our resolutions, whatever they may be.


  1. Ambrosia - you're like me!! I'm way too thin, and my metabolism is still on overdrive (I'm over 30). I do Yoga quite regularly and Pilates to build up muscle. Other than that I eat huge meals every day!!!
    Good Luck with your endeavours!

  2. Thank you! I've had problems with a fast metabolism (being too thin mostly) but it has advantages (even now I can still build muscle as fast as any man). I even used to drink weight gainer shakes-only to gain 2 lb. total.

    The main thing is to be healthy, and it sounds like we both are. Pilates is somethng I've thought about getting into, sounds fun! Let me know how it works!

  3. Hi Ambrosia!
    just wanted to mention that Pilates 'looks' easy, but it's not. If you haven't done it before, it's best to go to a beginner's class. Trust me on this one! As for the shakes: I tried them too, but didn't gain any weight.
    I'll let you know when I do...

  4. Thanks for the tip! Yogas the same...not easy!I've done stretches resembling pilates, but not the real deal. I thought about starting with those until the initial soreness goes away.

    Strange, I don't mind the soreness from lifting weights, but stretching-wheeew! LOL Somehow it's worse.