Jan 16, 2009

To Help The Children

I've been trying to put together an Outreach in my area for some time for the children's ward at my local hospital, to no avail. I have these ultra plush 21. in. tall bears available for distribution as a fundraising item; I dropped the donation amount from the suggested $20 to $15 in light of the economy's downturn.

With my car broke down, I'm not able to get out myself to collect donations and names (seeing how I'm not willing to subject my infant to the freezing weather). My solution to this was to include the idea in my Avon e-newsletter and offer an additional discount to anyone willing to help.

Then, I went further when I figured out a way to involve my out-of-town online customers. They will get the discount and those who have donated through them have the choice of their money going either to the Avon Foundation, St. Jude's Children's Hospital or St. Jude's Ranch.

Each organization is deserving in their own way. The Avon Foundation raises funds that go toward breast cancer awareness, treatment and prevention, domestic violence awareness, care packages for the troops, etc. We're all familiar with St. Jude's work in helping families who can't otherwise pay for their child's cancer treatments. The ranch is their's also, a residential home for abused and neglected children. In the case of St. Jude's, the bears can also be donated to the children, or sent to the donor, if they prefer. In the case of choosing Avon Foundation, the bears can go to the donors, or delivered to the children at my local hospital.

I'd like to also do this type of fundraiser for the schools in my area, when my car gets fixed so I can. In this case, the money would go to the school and the children would get the bears to take home. For my part, I put the order in thru Avon, the bears get sent where they're going and the funds go to their respective organizations.

If you're interested in helping out, please email me at


  1. Ambrosia,

    I'm a big fan of St. Jude's and helping kids. I think going the online route is going to be much more efficient for you. Keep up the good work. If their is anything I can do to help please let me know.

  2. Thank you very much! I agree, online has been my best route for some time.

    If you'd like to help, I can send you a picture of the bear to print off and show to people or to send in an email. I need help getting the word out that donations are needed for these causes. The donors pick which org gets their money and where the bear goes.

    For more info, feel free to email me at

    Thanks again for your interest!

  3. See this is the wonderful giving that makes this world a much better place.

    I'm betting the online will work out much better. I think you can even place a link on your blog somehow? Please do keep up the good work and you keep yourself & child dry and warm. Wishing you all the best! Thanks so much for brightening my day!)

  4. Thank you so much, hun...I don't have a website to link to for the Outreach. It's through Avon but there's nothing about it on my Avon website and I haven't been able to add anything to it (which is why the deals I give are sent through my newsletter instead).

    I'm glad you're doing better and I hope it continues for you!